Present Continuous tense exercises

Fill in the verbs in brackets in the correct form either Present Continuous or Present Simple. Do not use contractions in this exercise.
1. We dinner now. (have)
2. We lunch at 1 p.m. (eat)
3. He at the moment. (type)
4. She for her boyfriend now. (wait)
5. It late. We must go home. (get)
6. Don't shout. I you perfectly. (hear)
7. I cannot ask her now. She . (pray)
8. Sometimes we to bed pretty late. (go)
9. The academic year on October 1st. (start)
10. I to hear about it. (not / want)
11. He for President in this election. (not / run)
12. You are wrong. We any guests. (not / expect)
13. Why aren't you drinking your coffee? It cold. (get)
14. I such small dogs. (not / like)
15. We the receipt of your letter of June 8th. (acknowledge)
16. The boy severe punishment. (deserve)
17. The sun in the east. (rise)
18. The sun now. (rise)
19. Who for? (you / wait)
20. What about his proposal? (you / think)