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Present Continuous Tense is used in the following situations:

1. When we are talking about situations happening at the time of speaking.

Please don't make so much noise. I'm trying to work.
Where's Peter?' 'He's having a bath.'
Someone's knocking at the door. Can you answer it?
Don't disturb me. I'm trying to solve this problem.
Take an umbrella. It's raining again.

2. When we are talking about situations happening around the time of speaking. Such situations may not be happening at the moment of speaking.

What's he doing these days?
I'm reading a very interesting book at the moment. I'll lend it to you when I've finished it.
Have you heard about George? He's building his own boat.
Don't take this ladder away. I'm using it.
I am not playing golf this season. I want to concentrate on my work.

3. When we describe current trends.

People are becoming less tolerant these days.
People are eating less meat nowadays.
The population is raising.
People are spending less money on books.

4. When we are talking about plans for the future.

We are spending next summer in Greece.
She's arriving tomorrow morning.

5. To describe never ending series of events.

She's always helping people.
He's always making the same mistake.

6. To express annoying habit.

The postman is always putting your letters in my letter box.
You never do your homework on time. You are always making excuses.
She's always trying to show that she knows more than everyone else.