Present Perfect Continuous exercise

Present Perfect Continuous exercise. Fill in the gaps with the right forms of the verbs in brackets in Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
1. My cousins with us all the weekend. (stay)
2. My father hard all his life. He's fifty now, and is still active. (work)
3. We for mother since lunch. (wait)
4. She in the lake for the last twenty minutes. (bathe)
5. This lamp in the drawing room since Christmas. (hang)
6. The guests since supper. (dance)
7. She well for the last two months. (feel)
8. Baby since I came home. (sleep)
9. I to the radio for the last half hour. (listen)
10. I for this book ever since I heard about it. (look)
11. She a book for two hours. (read)
12. He this article for three hours. (write)
13. The fire all night. (burn)
14. She in the garden since you went away. (walk)
15. She this lullaby all the evening. (sing)
16. The rain since we left Exeter. (pour)