Present Perfect Tense exercises with answers

Fill in the gaps with the right forms of the verbs in brackets to complete the following English sentences in Present Perfect Tense.
1. They London this month. (leave)
2. He a lot of English papers. (bring)
3. She me about it. (tell)
4. I a long letter from father this week. (get)
5. She (just) ; she will speak to you in a minute. (come)
6. I to Radio City. (be)
7. I think the director the town. (leave)
8. I my office. (paint)
9. We her since she arrived to our city. (know)
10. I your name. (forget)
11. He the door. (close)
12. He it since we left him. (do)
13. I him my last penny. (give)
14. This order to many misunderstandings. (lead)
15. He his name on my book. (write)
16. She a new umbrella. (buy)
17. He my exercise over and over. (look)
18. I those books very cheaply. (buy)
19. He for two months. (work)
20. She a new job. (find)
21. He very well. (speak)
22. The children the whole pudding. (eat)
23. You many detective stories. (read)
24. Our team the first prize. (win)
25. My little daughter her finger with a knife. (cut)