Present Simple and Present Continuous exercise

Fill in the verbs in brackets in Present Continuous or Present Simple. Do not use contractions in this exercise.
1. What is he doing? He at his desk. (sit)
2. Listen, someone at the door. (knock)
3. On my way home I usually to drink a cup of coffee. (stop)
4. Architects plans of the buildings. (make)
5. Look at Betty: she the piano. (play)
6. At this moment I my pupils' exercises. (correct)
7. Where are you? I my lessons in the study. (prepare)
8. She a lot of money. (earn)
9. Chris near the table. (stand)
10. We often tea for breakfast. (take)
11. William to our workshop on Mondays. (come)
12. Let's wait a moment still. Tom soon. (come)
13. I must run home, mother for me. (wait)
14. The telephone often during supper. (ring)
15. Stephen a cigarette now. (smoke)
16. It hard at the moment. (snow)
17. I always to my office early. (go)
18. Two and two four. (make)
19. What are you doing here? I for my book. (look)
20. It in autumn. (rain)
21. Look, a man across the street. (run)
22. Listen: Sting ! (sing)
23. Henry's letters by air mail. (come)
24. We many roads nowadays. (build)
25. They usually the ten o'clock bus. (catch)