Present Simple tense exercises

Complete the following sentences in Present Simple tense with the correct forms of the verb 'to be'. Do not use the contracted forms in this exercise.
1. Lucy's child rather short for his age.
2. Why the women so terrified?
3. His oxen famous in the neighbourhood.
4. My feet cold.
5. Children usually very curious.
6. There no mice here, believe me.
7. The tooth false.
8. The gentleman in the drawing-room.
9. The ox worth a Toyota.
10. How fat those geese !
11. Your teeth in bad condition, I'm afraid.
12. Where my white mice?
13. The postman late today.
14. The children asleep at the moment.
15. The brothers in the cinema.
16. How much that goose?
17. Who that man in the corner?
18. Where your children?
19. He says his louse trained.
20. In some countries women not allowed to show their faces in public.