Questions in Reported Speech exercise

Questions in Reported Speech exercise. Transform the following questions into the questions in Reported Speech.
1. "What time does the film start, Peter?"
I asked Peter what time the .
2. "Do you watch television every evening, Chris?"
The interviewer asked Chris if he every evening.
3. "Why did you apply for this job?"
The sales manager asked me why I for that job.
4. "Are you taking much money with you to France?"
My bank manager wanted to know if I much money with me.
5. "When will I know the results of the examination?"
Maria asked the examiner when she the results of the examination.
6. "Are you enjoying your flight?"
The stewardess asked me if I my flight.
7. "How does the photocopier work?"
I asked the salesman how the .
8. "Have you ever been to Japan, Paul?"
She asked Paul if he to Japan.
9. "Does this car belong to you?"
A policeman asked me if that car to me.
10. 'What time did you get home last night?"
My parents asked me what time I home the night before.