Reported Speech in English grammar

Reported Speech in English grammar. Transform the following questions into the questions in Reported Speech.
1. "Why are you looking at me?" asked Paul.
Paul asked him.
2. "Who took my mobile from the desk?" asked Jane.
Jane asked her mobile from the desk.
3. "I know someone who may help us," said John.
John said help them.
4. "I will have done it by Friday," said John.
John said by Friday.
5. "I lost my mobile yesterday," complained an old man.
An old man complained the day before.
6. "Draw the curtains, please." asked Betty.
Betty asked me the curtains.
7. "Who lives in this strange house?" asked the girl.
The girl asked in that strange house.
8. "Wait for us at Betty's."
They asked us for them at Betty’s.
9. "I lost my glasses and I cannot find them anywhere," complained my grandfather.
My grandfather complained his glasses and couldn’t find them anywhere.
10. "You should not borrow money from Jane, her income is very low."
Peter said I money from Jane because her income very low.