Second conditionals exercises

Second conditionals exercises. Complete the following sentences with the words in brackets.
1. What would you do if you suddenly (win) half a million pounds?
2. If he (get up) up earlier, he'd get to work on time.
3. If we (have) more time, I could tell you more about it.
4. If you (sell) more products, you'd earn more money.
5. I could help you if you (trust) me more.
6. His car would be a lot safer if he (buy) some new tires.
7. The children could be better swimmers if the (go) swimming more frequently.
8. I wouldn't mind having children if we (live) in the country.
9. If I (be) you, I wouldn't worry about going to university.
10. If I (have) any money, I'd give you some.
11. Your parents (be) a lot happier if you phoned them more often.