Simple Present exercises

Fill in the words in brackets in the right form of the third person singular in Present Simple tense to complete the following sentences in English.
1. Robert twenty-five pounds a week. (earn)
2. Robert beautiful pictures. (paint)
3. She to come here. (want)
4. They to buy a television-set. (want)
5. It two hours to get there. (take)
6. This sweater four pounds. (cost)
7. Ted football well. (play)
8. Miriam too much time with him. (spend)
9. Stan to the BBC regularly. (listen)
10. Linda German fluently. (speak)
11. He medicine. (study)
12. Miss Gibb very well. (dress)
13. Barry too much whisky. (drink)
14. Mike only thrillers. (read)
15. My teacher very hard. (work)
16. Betty to me regularly. (write)
17. Mr Bull us very often. (visit)
18. This beer sour. (taste)
19. It on the circumstances. (depend)
20. Water of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. (consist)