Singular and plural nouns quiz

Singular and plural nouns quiz. Fill in the gaps with plural nouns to complete the following sentences in English.
I don't know any jokes about . (mother-in-law)
He showed me three and asked which one is mine.(fountain pen)
The noticed nothing. (passer-by)
The are on strike again. (postman)
The are to meet tomorrow. (commander-in-chief)
How many are to be shut? (coal-mine)
Not all in our history are worth mentioning. (Lord Chancellor)
The were asked to go home. (looker-on)
Where are my ? (blacking-brush)
Tom and Rob are his . (stepson)
I've got two . (pocket-knife)
Sam and Tom are my . (room-mate)
Are you typical ? (stay-at-home)
Put all the on my desk, please. (press-cutting)
Mary and Kate are . (sister-in-law)
Are there any there? (merry-go-round)
I won't tolerate any in this business! (go-between)
Are there any in your class? (boy scout)
There are three American in the gulf. (man-of-war)
are in fashion again. (bowler-hat)