Singular plural nouns exercises

Singular plural nouns exercises. Choose the singular or plural nouns to complete the following sentences in English.
1. Your group very weak in English. (be)
2. The team determined to win. (be)
3. My family of three persons. (consist)
4. The staff ready to co-operate on the project. (be)
5. The police looking for Ken Brown everywhere. (be)
6. The committee to meet at five o'clock. (be)
7. The herd grazing now. (be)
8. The crew working all night. (be)
9. The audience small tonight. (be)
10. The class writing a test now. (be)
11. The Government to impose new taxation. (want)
12. The jury having lunch now. (be)
13. His family in various parts of the country. (live)
14. The crowd bigger than you could imagine. (be)
15. The jury not announced the verdict yet. (have)
16. The committee already finished the session. (have)
17. The Government discussing this matter at the moment. (be)
18. The audience silent. (be)
19. Yesterday the crew visited by our ambassador. (be)
20. The team lost most of the matches so far. (have)