The Past Simple Tense Exercises

The Past Simple Tense Exercises. Complete the gaps with the verbs in brackets at the end of the sentences in Past Simple Tense. There are both regular and irregular verbs in this exercise.
1. She well. (cook)
2. She a large sum of money for that picture. (pay)
3. She the book and read a few lines. (open)
4. He to keep you waiting. (hate)
5. The child bitterly. (weep)
6. He many people on his way to work. (meet)
7. The doctor him to stop smoking. (tell)
8. We many questions to the chairman at the meeting. (put)
9. I very good music. (hear)
10. We on horseback during our holidays. (ride)
11. He us his library. (show)
12. He well. (sleep)
13. I buy some more food. (have to)
14. He both French and English. (teach)
15. You your milk quickly. (drink)
16. They in a great forest. (camp)
17. She many letters home. (write)
18. He to his office by car. (go)
19. The telephone bell . (ring)
20. We to learn this song by heart. (try)
21. It a lot to us. (mean)
22. I not allowed to show you her letter. (am)
23. We clothes in this little shop. (buy)
24. We get up earlier. (must)
25. This coat very little. (cost)
26. He bring you my answer. (can)
27. She hot cakes for the children. (keep)
28. you translate this poem? (can)
29. We in the lake. (swim)
30. They a new house. (build)