Uncertain numbers in English

The word odd may be used with round numbers over twenty to give an approximate figure.
If we want to show approximate figures we can use the suffix -ish and or so or or thereabouts.

It's a hundred odd pounds. It's about a hundred pounds
She's sixty odd. She's about sixty years old.
He lost a thousand-odd dollars. He lost about a thousand dollars.
There were sixty-odd people There were about sixty people.
twenty-odd years later about twenty years late
He's sixtish. He's about sixty years old.
I'll meet you at nineish. I'll meet you at about nine o'clock.
It cost a hundred pounds or so. It cost about a hundred pounds.
He's arriving on the seventh or thereabouts. He's arriving on about the seventh.
a year or so ago. about a year ago
20 or so about 20
100 dollars or thereabouts about 100 dolarów