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Articles: a, an, zero article - odpowiedzi

  • 1. We eat x meat with a fork and a knife.
  • 2. A (S)sweater is made of x wool.
  • 3. A man cannot live without x food.
  • 4. A cow gives x milk.
  • 5. x (I)iron is x metal.
  • 6. x (B)butter is made from x cream.
  • 7. An (A)apple grows on an apple-tree.
  • 8. A (W)window is made of x glass.
  • 9. We go to a concert to listen to x music.
  • 10. x (C)corn grows in a field.
  • 11. You write a letter on x paper.
  • 12. A table is usually made of x wood.
  • 13. A horse has a tail.
  • 14. A cloth is made of x wool.
  • 15. A house is built of x bricks, x stone or x wood.
  • 16. x (M)meat is good food.
  • 17. An engine is made of x metal.
  • 18. Put x jam on a piece of x bread.
  • 19. We drink more x water in x summer than in x winter.
  • 20. x (S)sugar is made from x sugar-cane or sugar-beet.
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