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Articles: a, the, some - odpowiedzi

  • 1. There is a pen on the desk.
  • 2. The pen is on the desk.
  • 3. There were some boys in the hall.
  • 4. There is some water in the bottle.
  • 5. The lamps are over the tables.
  • 6. The dog was under the bed.
  • 7. There are some letters in the letter-box.
  • 8. The yellow pencil is in the pocket.
  • 9. The little girl is in the middle of the picture.
  • 10. There were some mistakes in the exercises.
  • 11. The entrance was at the back of the building.
  • 12. Is there a store in the village?
  • 13. There will be some visitors at the club.
  • 14. The school building is on the right-hand side of the street.
  • 15. The picture is at the end of the book.
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