Since vs. For w czasie Present Perfect

Ćwiczenie Wybierz właściwe wyrazy for lub since aby uzupełnić następujące zdania w angielskim czasie Present Perfect. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Present Perfect Simple
1. We haven't met Christmas.
2. We haven't been in the opera over a year.
3. I haven't spoken German the end of the war.
4. You have kept me waiting half an hour!
5. It is about two years we last had news of him.
6. I haven't bought a new book April.
7. We haven't seen our cousin ages.
8. His wife has changed a lot the last time we met.
9. My daughter hasn't written to me my birthday.
10. We have lived here many years.
11. It hasn't snowed here six months.
12. Our guests have been sailing tea-time.
13. It has been several hours I had dinner.
14. There hasn't been any war in this country over a century.
15. Nothing has been changed here the Middle Ages.