Meeting 09

1. Look the picture.
2. Listen two descriptions.
3. In the café, there’s a man his son.
4. There are three or four young women the café.
5. the left of the café, there’s a hotel.
6. There are two boys and one girl the square.
7. picture A there are two dogs.
8. my picture there’s a café.
9. There’s a big tree the right of the building.
10. There’s a café with some people it.
11. There’s a woman her baby.
12. There’s a cinema Church Street.
13. We’re holiday Spain.
14. The children aren’t school.
15. Are the hotels expensive your country?
16. Is New Mexico the United States?
17. They are French – they’re Paris.
18. Buses are expensive my city.
19. Budapest is Hungary.
20. Look the menu page 12.

Starter: meeting 09