Testy z angielskiego Past Simple

Ćwiczenie Wstaw podane czasowniki w nawiasach w czasie Past Simple. Pamiętaj, że część z nich należy do kategorii czasowników regularnych a pozostałe do czasowników nieregularnych w języku angielskim. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Past Simple
1. He from the chair and to the window. rise / walk
2. Overnight he a celebrity in our neighborhood. become
3. The nurse my broken arm. bind
4. We wine. drink
5. They the last bus. catch
6. He very well last Sunday. fight
7. He to ask her pardon. kneel
8. The shell just in front of our house a week ago. burst
9. The clock twelve. strike
10. We to notify him when we were in town. mean
11. When I the news I just of joy. hear / leap
12. The wind fiercely last night. blow
13. My friend her leg and her arm during her holidays. break / hurt
14. She the keys on the table and out. lay / go
15. He up her handkerchief and it in his hand. pick / hold