Too, Enough ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Uzupełnij następujące zdania stosując wyrazy w nawiasach oraz Too i Enough. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Gramatyczne objaśnienia
- Did you buy the Audi? – No, it cost (much) .
- Do you want to play tennis this weekend? – I can’t I’m not (fit) .
- Have you got (money) for the bus home?
- I’m surprised that he is going to university. I don’t think he’s (clever) .
- I’ve got stomach-ache. – I am not surprised. You ate your dinner (quickly) .
- It wasn’t a very good party, was it? – No, because he didn’t invite (people) .
- It’s (cold) in my room. – Why don’t you turn the heating on then?
- There isn’t (room) for everyone to go in my car.
- When will you be (well) to come back to work?
- Why didn’t you get the job? Were you (young) ?