Some any Exercises - answers

  • Ask her for some paper as I haven’t any.
  • Have you any/some books on English grammar?
  • I don’t need any help from my family.
  • May I have some more salt on my potatoes?
  • Please give me some coffee without milk.
  • I must buy some milk as I haven’t any in my fridge.
  • I think we need some time to discuss that problem again.
  • Have you bought any bananas? (I expect you have not)
  • Have you bought some bananas? (I expect you have)
  • Please give mesome help.
  • He has hardly any money.
  • Please give me some more soup. I’m afraid there isn’t any.
  • I’m afraid she doesn’t have any flowers in her garden.
  • If you have some/any friends, you can bring them.
  • Would you like some coffee with milk?
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