Słownik angielskich synonimów

Tak jak w każdym języku, również w języku angielskim synonimy stanowią bardzo dużą część słownictwa. Znajomość synonimów może bardzo często okazać się bardzo pomocna w posługiwaniu się językiem obcym. W sytuacji, gdy brakuje nam określonego słowa, jesteśmy wówczas wstanie użyć inny wyraz o tym samym lub bardzo zbliżonym znaczeniu. Musimy jednak pamiętać, że chociaż mamy do czynienia z synonimami to jednak nie zawsze się da użyć dwóch wyrazów o tym samym znaczeniu w określonym kontekście. Niemniej jednak biegłość posługiwania się językiem obcym wymaga bardzo dobrej znajomości synonimów.

W naszym zestawieniu synonimów można znaleźć najbardziej pospolite i najczęściej używane synonimy w języku angielskim. Aby przejść do konkretnego słowa wystarczy kliknąć w literę na jaką ono się rozpoczyna.

Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
about approximately
abstract summary
accomplish (verb) to achieve
accumulate (verb) to build up
administer (verb) to manage
admit (verb) to confess
alive lively
almost nearly
also too
amount quantity
animated lively
annoy (verb) to irritate, to bother
answer (verb) to reply
anyway besides
apparent obvious
appear (verb) to seem
applicable relevant
appreciable considerable
ardour passion
arise occur
aromatic fragrant
arrive (verb) to reach
artful crafty
ask (verb) inquire
assembly gathering
association organization
assure (verb) to guarantee
attractive appealing
away absent
awful terrible straszny
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
backbone spine kręgosłup
backside behind z tyłu
bad evil zły
ballot poll głosowanie
beat (verb) to defeat pobić, pokonywać
becoming fitting pasujący
beg implore błagać
begin (verb) commence rozpoczynać
behave (verb) to act zachowywać się
behaviour conduct zachowanie
believable plausible wiarygodny
belly stomach brzuch
bendy flexible elastyczny
beneficial favourable korzystny
bid tender oferta
big large duży
bizarre weird dziwny
blamed accused oskarżony
blameless innocent niewinny
blank empty pusty
bloodbath massacre masakra
brave courageous, daring odważny
bright shinning świecący
broad wide szeroki
busy (telephone) engaged zajęty
buy purchase kupować
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
candy sweet cukierek
careful cautious ostrożny
catch (verb) capture złapać
categorise (verb) to classify klasyfikować
centre middle środek
change (verb) to alter zmieniać
cheat (verb) to deceive oszukiwać
cheesy corny, tacky banalny, niemodny
chiefly mainly głównie
choose (verb) to select wybierać
choosy picky wybredny
chop (verb) to cut ciąć, siekać
citation quotation cytat
cite (verb) to quote cytować
clergyman minister duchowny, pastor
clerk receptionist recepcjonistka
clever intelligent inteligentny
close near blisko
close (verb) to shut zamykać
coiffure hairstyle fryzura, uczesanie
collapse (verb) to break down zepsuć się
collect (verb) to gather zbierać
comfort consolation pocieszać
comic comedian komik
completely totally kompletnie
concord harmony zgoda
condemn (verb) to sentence
confederate accomplice
confine (verb) to restrict
conflict clash
conform (verb) to comply
confuse (verb) to mix up
connect (verb) to associate, to put through (telephone)
considerate thoughtful
constancy fidelity
constant fixed
constitution structure
consult (verb) to refer
continuous continual
contrary opposite
convention conference
convey (verb) to communicate
cope (verb) to manage
copy imitate
correct right, accurate
couch sofa
crook criminal
cunning sly
curative healing
cure remedy
curler roller wałek
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
damp moist
dangerous risky
dash sprint
daybreak dawn
deadly fatal
dear expensive
deceptive misleading
decontrol deregulate
decrease (verb) to reduce
dedicated committed
deduce (verb) to infer
defective faulty
deliberate planned
deliberately intentionally
delicate fragile
demonstrate (verb) to protest
denims jeans
denote (verb) to indicate, to represent
deprave (verb) to corrupt
depraved wicked, evil
desert (verb) to abandon
deserted abandoned
destiny fate
differentiate (verb) to distinguish
diminish (verb) to decrease
disadvantaged deprived
disappear (verb) to vanish
disaster catastrophe
disclaim (verb) to deny
disclose (verb) to reveal
discount reduction
disease sickness
disgrace shame
disorder chaos
domesticate cultivate
dossier file
dubious doubtful
dull gloomy
dull (person) stupid
dumb mute
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
eager keen
earth soil
eatable edible
ebb (verb) to recede
economic profitable
egocentric selfish
elevate (verb) to raise, to promote
emphasize (verb) to stress
encounter (verb) to come across
end conclusion
enemy foe
enormous huge, immense
enough sufficient
enquire (verb) to investigate
equity fairness
escape (verb) to elude
especially particularly
essential fundamental
establish (verb) to set up
evaluate (verb) to assess
everlasting eternal
exactly precisely
except apart from
expire (verb) to run out
explode (verb) to blow up
extra additional
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
fable myth
fabricate (verb) to manufacture
fall drop
false untrue
fanatic enthusiast
fantastic great, brilliant
far distant
feather plume
fertile fruitful
fierce ferocious
fight battle
float (verb) to drift
fool idiot
foolish silly
force compel
foretell (verb) to predict
formerly previously
fortunate lucky
foxy cunning
foyer lobby
fragrance perfume
free (verb) to release
French dressing vinaigrette
friend ally
function (verb) to operate
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
gain profit
game recreation
garbage rubbish
gather collect
gay cheerful, homosexual
general common
common happy
glaring dazzling
glitter (verb) to sparkle
grab (verb) to seize
grasping greedy
gratis free of charge
gratuity tip
gravestone headstone
grouse (verb) to grumble
gut intestine
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
habit custom
hall corridor
handsome good-looking
hang-out haunt
happily fortunately
hard difficult
hard tough
hate (verb) to detest
hawk (verb) to peddle kolportować, roznosić
hazard (verb) to endanger
hearsay rumour
height altitude
help (verb) to assist
hermetic airtight
hide (verb) to conceal
high tall
highbrow intellectual
hint trace, tip
hole gap
home domestic
home residence
homicide murder
housebreaking burglary
hug (verb) to embrace
huge enormous
hunger starvation
hurry (verb) to rush
hypothesis speculation
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
idler loafer próżniak
if whether
ignore (verb) to disregard
illiberal intolerant
illuminate (verb) to clarify; to light up
illustrate (verb) to demonstrate
imagine (verb) to suppose, to assume
imitate (verb) to mimic
immediate instant
immobile motionless
immoderate excessive
immodest conceited
impact (verb) to affect
impartial neutral
impasse deadlock impas, martwy punkt
impassive emotionless
impeach (verb) to question
impediment obstacle
imperative vital
impolite rude
incidentally by the way
inconsiderate thoughtless
indisputable undeniable
industrious hardworking
infamous notorious
infantile childish
infect (verb) to contaminate
inflexible rigid
inflow influx
informal casual
infrequent rare
inheritor heir
innocent harmless
inside interior
insolvent bankrupt
inspect (verb) to examine
instinct intuition
instructions directions
insufferable unbearable
insufficient inadequate
insupportable intolerable
insurgent rebel
intellectual mental
intend (verb) to mean
intensify (verb) to heighten
interplay interaction
inventory stock
invoice bill rachunek
isolated lonely
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
jealous envious
join unite
joy delight
jump leap
just fair
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
jealous envious
join unite
joy delight
jump leap
just fair
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
lacking missing
last final
lazy indolent
leading main
leave (verb) to abandon
legitimate valid, legal
little small
livid furious
loopy crazy
lousy awful
loving fond
loyal true
lucid clear
label badge
labour work
laborer worker
laborious hard-working
lack abundance
lad boy
lag (v.) saunter
lame limping
land (n.) earth
landscape scenery, view
landslide avalanche, earthfall
lanky bony
large big, huge, immense
lethargic sleepy
level-headed balanced
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
mackintosh waterproof coat
mad insane
madness insanity
magnify (verb) to exaggerate
maintain (verb) to preserve
mannequin model
margin edge
material fabric
matters things
maybe perhaps, possibly
measure degree
meeting assembly
mendacity lying
merciless cruel
middleman intermediary
midway halfway
mild gentle
mimic (verb) to imitate
mind intellect
mindless senseless
minimize (verb) to play down
mirror (verb) to reflect
misconceive (verb) to misunderstand
miserable depressing
misery distress
misread misinterpret
missing lost
mistake error
mistrust distrust
moderately reasonably
modern contemporary
more and more increasingly
moreover in addition
movie film
murderer assassin
malady illness
maltreat ill-treat
mammoth huge, giant, enormous
mandatory obligatory, compolsory
marvelous astonishing
mate (n) companion, fellow, worker, friend, helper
meager poor
mentor advisor, coach, instructor
messy sloppy, untidy
meticulous fastidious
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
narrative (n.) story
native (n.) local
naked bare
nameless anonymous
napkin serviette
narrate (verb) to relate
near (verb) to approach
necessary essential
new modern
nightfall dusk
noisy rowdy
nominate (verb) to appoint
non-stop continuous
noon midday
noted famous, well-known
notify (verb) to inform
notwithstanding however
nugatory worthless
numerous many
nag (v.) pester
nap (v.) doze, drop off, nod off, sleep, snooze
nasty (adj.) repellent, filthy, obscene
needless pointless, useless
negate (v.) deny
negligent uncaring, indifferent
nervous edgy, nervy, uneasy
nibble (n.) bite
nobody no-one
nod (v.) signal
noisy boisterous, loud
nominate (v.) appoint, choose, select
noxious deleterious, harmful, hurtful, pernicuous
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
obdurate stubborn
obey (v) to submit
object thing
obligatory compulsory
oblique indirect
obsolete out of date
off-season low season
omen sign
omnipotent all-powerful
operate (v) to function
oral verbal
organic biological
ornament decoration
outside exterior
outside external
overhaul (v) to overtake
overlook (v) to miss
overseas abroad
oversee (v) to supervise
oath (n) pledge
obese overweight, corpulent, fat, plump
obey (v) toe the line, comply, conform
objection opposition, protest
objective fair, impartial, unbiased
obligatory compulsory, necessary, mandatory
obliterate (v) erase, eradicate, rub out, wipe out
obnoxious disgusting, dislikable, loathsome, nasty, repelent, repulsive
obscene evil, immoral, loathsome, offensive
observe (v) keep an eye on, monitor, notice, see, view, watch
obsolete ancient, antique, archaic, dated, extinct, old, old hat, old-fashioned, out of date
obstinate persistent, stubborn, sturdy
obstruction hindrance, barricade, barrier
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
painting portray
paper money notes
part portion
particular specific
passable satisfactory
pattern sample
peaceable peaceful
perception insight
phantasm illusion
pocket book notebook
poisonous toxic
policeman constable
polite courteous
poor destitute
port harbour
possibility opportunity
practically virtually
praise compliment
precedence priority
precept principle
précis summary
pressing urgent
pretty beautiful
previous preceding
priority precedence
prompt immediate
prosperous affluent
protect (verb) to guard
provide (verb) to supply
provide (verb) thrust
put off (verb) to postpone
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
quake (v.) to tremble
quick rapid, fast
quiet peaceful
quite fairly
qualification (n.) competence
quantity amount
quarrel (v.) argument, disagreement, row
queer strange, eerie, odd, weird
quench (v.) put out, extinguish
quest (n.) search, pursuit
question (v.) ask, cross-examine, query, quiz
questionable disputable
queue (n.) line
quick-witted sharp, clever, bright, intelligent
quit (v.) give up, abandon, cease, end, forsake, resign
quiver (v.) shake, tremble, vibrate
quiz test, examination, investigation
quotation citation, excerpt, extract, quote
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
rare scarce
ready alert
real genuine
reasonable fair
receive (verb) to get
reckless rash
refrain chorus
reliable dependable
remainder the rest
remark comment
remember (v.) to recollect
reminiscence memory
remorse regret
removable detachable
renew (v.) to resume
renounce (v.) to give up
repute reputation
respond (v.) to reply
revolting disgusting
rich wealthy
riot riotrevolt
roam (v.) to wander
rough coarse
round circular
rubbish nonsense
rude impolite
rue (v.) to regret
rule govern
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
sacristy vestry
sad unhappy
safe secure
satisfied convinced
scarcity shortage
scatter (verb) to disperse
scrumptious delicious
second moment
seldom rarely
select (verb) to choose
selection choice
self-assured confident
separate (verb) to sever
short brief
shorten (verb) to abbreviate
show (verb) to exhibit
signal sign
significant meaningful
silly foolish
sincere honest
skull cranium
sleepy drowsy
slim slender
smell scent
soiled dirty
spotlight highlight
stable steady
steady regular
steed horse
stern strict
stick (verb) to adhere
stop (verb) to halt
strong powerful
stupid silly
substantially considerably
suggest propose
sundown sunset
sunrise dawn
sure certain
surprise astonishment
surrender (verb) to yield
surround (verb) to encircle
surroundings environment
survive (verb) to outlive
swamp marsh
symbolize (verb) to represent
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
tailored tailor-made
teach (v.) to educate
temper mood
terror terrorism
testament testimony
tested tried
thief burglar
thin lean
today nowadays
top summit
torpid lethargic
touchdown landing
touchy sensitive
transform (v) to convert
transparent obvious
trick (v.) to hoax
trust believe
trustworthy reliable
try (v.) to attempt
twister tornado
twosome pair
tale story
target aim, goal, objective, purpose
task assignment zadanie
tasty delicious, luscious, mouthwatering, palatable, yummy
team band, crew, gang, group, squad
tease annoy, irritate, pester, torment
tedious annoying, fatiquing, laborious, tiring, wearisome
teetotaller abstainer, non-drinker
tempt allure, attract, coax, decoy, seduce
tender gentle, fragile, frail
tentative cautious, hesitant, uncertain
terrible awful, dreadful, horrible, horrific, obnoxious, repulsive
throw hurl, toss, cast
tidy clean, neat
timid afraid, cowardly, fearful
tipsy drunk
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
ultimate final
uncared for neglected
uncommon unusual
uncooked raw
undeniable indisputable
understand comprehend
understandable comprehensible
unforeseen unexpected
unfortunate unlucky
unhurt unharmed
uninjured unhurt
unlawful illegal
unmarried single
unstated unspoken
untimely premature
untrue unfaithful
unusual strange
unvoiced voiceless
uprising rebellion
usually generally, normally
ubiquitous common, frequent
ultimate final
umpteen a good many, plenty
unavoidable certain, fated, inescapable, inevitable
unbelievable incredible, implausible
unbiased impartial, objective, unprejudiced
unbroken intact, solid, total
unclean dirty, filthy, polluted
uncommon rare, unusual
undoubtedly certainly, surely, unquestionably
uneasy anxious, nervous, edgy
unemployed jobless, redundant, workless
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
vacancy emptiness
vacant empty
vacuum (v) to hoover
vague indistinct
vain useless
value worth
valueless worthless
vanquish (v) to conquer
vary (v) to differ
vast huge
victory triumph
virtue advantage
visualize (v) to imagine
vacate abandon, leave
vacillate fluctuate, hesitate
valiant bold, brave, courageous, gallant, fearless, heroic, intrepid, stout
valid lawful, legal, legitimate, official
validate endorse, legalize, ratify
valuable beneficial, dear, expensive, high-priced, precious, prizable
vanish disappear, evaporate, fade
vanity idleness
vary alter, change, differ, fluctuate
vast enormous, gigantic, great, huge, immense, massive, monstrous, tremendous
vengeance revenge
verbatim exactly, precisely, word for word
verge border, boundary, brim, brink, edge, margin
vexation anger, annoyance
vicinity neighborhood, precincts, propinquity, proximity
victory conquest, success, triumph, win
vigilant attentive, careful, cautious, on the alert, on the lookout, watchful
villain anti-hero, evil-doer, rascal, rogue, scoundrel
vivacious cheerful, gay, lively, vital
vivid active, animated, energetic, expressive, dynamic, flamboyant, lively, vibrant, vigorous żywy, barwny, jaskrawy
void empty, blank, vacant, vain, worthless
voluntary intended, optional, purposeful, purposive, willing dobrowolny, ochotniczy
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
warranty guarantee
weak feeble
well mannered polite
well timed timely
whole entire
winery vineyard
withstand (v) to resist
wonder amazement
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
yearly annually
young youthful
yell roar, scream, shout
yield (v.) abandon, give in
Wyraz Synonim Znaczenie
zany amusing, funny, goofy, nutty, wacky
zeal dedication, devotion, eagerness, enthusiasm, fervour, gusto, keenness, verve
zealous devoted, eager, enthusiastic, fanatical, fervent, keen, militant, passionate
zenith climax, culmination, height, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, top
zero love, naught, nil, nothing, nought
zest appetitie, gusto, interest, keenness, pungency, relish, smack, spice, taste, zeal
zip drive, energy, enthusiasm, get-up-and-go, gusto, pep, spirit, verve, vigor, vitality, zest
zone area, district, region, section, sector, stratum, territory, zona
zoo animal park, aquarium, menagerie, safari park, zoological gardens

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