Słowotwórstwo angielski zasady

Tworzenie wyrazów pochodnych od tych, które już obecnie znamy nie należy do bardzo łatwych zadań. Bardzo często zadawanym pytaniem przez osoby uczące się języka angielskiego jest w jaki sposób można tworzyć rzeczowniki, przymiotniki czy czasowniki od wyrazów, które już poznaliśmy. Odpowiedź na to pytanie nie należy do bardzo łatwych. Na półkach księgarskich można znaleźć pozycje, które opisują zasady tworzenia wyrazów w języku angielskim. Zawierają one oprócz bardzo wielu przykładów, także wiele wyjątków, które mogą przyprawić o bół głowy kogoś kto chce zgłębić tajniki tego zagadnienia. Zasady stosowane w słowotwórstwie są bardzo obszerne i prawidłowe ich stosowanie może stanowić o biegłości w posługiwaniu się językiem angielskim.

Letter 'A' (13)

- possibility
acceptable, admirable, adorable, advisable, comparable, dependable, desirable, disposable, enjoyable, imaginable, irritable, manageable, noticeable, peelable, predictable, profitable, recognizable, remarkable, tolerable, understandable, variable, washable
- having certain qualities
comfortable, fashionable, honourable, knowledgeable, pleasurable, valuable
- timing of activities
after-dinner, after-hours, after-lunch, after-sales, after-school, after-work
- results
aftertaste, after-effects, afterglow, after-care, after-image, afterpain, aftershock, after-smell
- a process or state
blockage, breakage, coverage, drainage, leakage, linkage, marriage, shortage, shrinkage, spoilage, stoppage, storage, wastage, wreckage
- measurement
acreage, footage, litreage, mileage, percentage, poundage, tonnage, voltage, yardage
- connected with 'soil' or 'agriculture'
agrochemical, agrology, agronomist, agronomy
- 'dedicated to something'
bookaholic, cashaholic, chocaholic, newsaholic, shopaholic, workaholic, writaholic
- connection
accidental, additional, classical, continental, conventional, conversational, cynical, educational, emotional, environmental, experimental, fanatical, geographical, global, historical, institutional, logical, mechanical, musical, national, occasional, oriental, original, parental, philosophical, political, presidential, professional, regional, residential, sceptical, sensational, sentimental, statistical, traditional
- actions
avowal, bestowal, betrayal, committal, denial, dismissal, renewal, rental, withdrawal
- one thing or quality
all-acrylic, all-action, all-aluminium, all-black, all-cash, all-electic, all-female, all-grey, all-male, all-new, all-rubber, all-star, all-steel, all-union, all-volunteer, all-white, all-woman, all-wood, all-wool
- every type
all-age, all-function, all-party, all-purpose, all-season, all-sports, all-weather
- affecting everyone or everything
all-absorbing, all-conquering, all-consuming, all-demanding, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-engulfing, all-enveloping, all-giving, all-inclusive, all-invading, all-knowing, all-loving, all-pervading, all-seeing
- connected with the names of places
African, Algerian, American, Angolan, Asian, Australian, Brazilian, Californian, Cuban, European, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Korean, Nigerian, Russian, Sicilian, Syrian
- with verbs
acceptance, admittance, alliance, appearance, assitance, assurance, attendance, clearance, defiance, disappearance, disturbance, dominance, endurance, entrance, guidance, insurance, maintenance, observance, performance, radiance, reliance, resemblance, resistance, tolerance
- with adjectives
abundace, arrogance, brilliance, elegance, extravagance, exuberance, fragrance, ignorance, importance, insignificance, intolerance, invariance, irrelevance, petulance, predominance, reluctance, repugnance, significance, vigilance
- occupations and participation
accountant, applicant, assailant, assistant, attendant, combatant, consultant, contestant, defendant, dependant, descendant, emigrant, immigrant, informant, inhabitant, occupant, perticipant, servant
- things which have an effect
accelerant, contaminant, coolant, decongestant, defoliant, depressant, determinant, disinfectant, lubricant, pollutant, sealent
- in adjectives
abundant, adamant, arrogant, brilliant, buoyant, constant, distant, dominant, elegant, extravagant, ignorant, important, indignant, instant, militant, pleasant, pregnant, redundant, revevant, reluctant, significant, tolerant, triumphant, vacant
- opposition
anti-abortion, anti-aggression, anti-authority, anti-British, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-communist, anti-democratic, anti-discrimination, anti-establishment, anti-government, anti-marriage, anti-nuclear, anti-racist, anti-war
- prevention
anti-aircraft, anti-bacterial, anti-burglar, anti-car-thief, anti-cholesterol, anti-depressant, anti-fraud, anti-freeze, anti-fungal, anti-infection, anti-inflation, anti-invasion, anti-missile, anti-pollution, anti-rust, anti-seasickness, anti-submarine, anti-tank
- connected with 'rule' or 'government'
anarchy, hierarchy, matriarchy, monarchy, oligarchy, patriarchy
- connected with particular thing
agrarian, authoritarian, disciplinarian, egalitarian, humanitarian, librarian, parliamentrian, totalitarian, vegetarian, veterinarian
Showing: 5 prefixes/suffixes, 12 words

Letter 'B' (13)

- the major part of something
acid-based, cash-based, class-based, coal-based, computer-based, education-based, export-based, fuel-based, hydrogen-based, lead-based, leisure-based, market-based, money-based, nitrogen-based oil-based, project-based, property-based, protein-based, service-based, water-based
- the basis of something
broad-based, broadly-based, firmly-based, solidly-based, soundly-based, widely-based
- places
American-based, British-based, city-based, community-based, country-based, European-based, foreign-based, home-based, hospital-based, land-based, London-based, ocean-based, overseas-based, Paris-based, school-based, town-based
- wearing something or covered with something
bejewelled, bespectacled, bewigged
- to cause to become
becalmed, bedraggled, befuddled, beguile, belie, belittle, beloved, bemused, bereaved, besotted, betray, bewildered, bewitched, bewitching
- transitive verbs
befriend, begrudge, behold, bemoan, bequeath, berate, beseech, beset, besiege, bestow
- two
bicarbonate, bicentenary, bicycle, bifocals, bigamy, bilateral, bilingual, binary, binoculars, biplane, biset
- twice
bi-annual, bi-annually, biennial, bi-monthly, bi-weekly
- connected with life or living things
biography, antibiotics, autobiography, biochemical, biochemistry, biodegradable, biologist, biology, biopsy, biosphere, biosystem
- restrictions
class-bound, culture-bound, desk-bound, duty-bound, fog-bound, home-bound, housebound, snowbound, tradition-bound, wheelchair-bound
- direction
earthbound, eastbound, home-bound, inbound, London-bound, northbound, outbound, southboud, westbound
- coverings and books
brass-bound, cardboard-bound, cloth-bound, leather-bound, metal-bound, paper-bound
Showing: 13 prefixes/suffixes, 15 meanings

Letter 'C' (13)

- connected with 'hundred'
bicentenary, bicentennial, centenary, centigrage, centimetre, century, percent, percentage
- connected with 'time'
anachronism, anachronistic, chronic, chronicle, chronological, chronology, chronometer, synchronic, synchronize, synchronized
- connected with 'killing'
fungicide, genocide, herbicide, homicide, infanticide, insecticide, parricide, patricide, persticide, regicide, suicide
- connected with 'motion pictures'
cine-camera, cine-film, cinema, cinematic, cinematography
- referring to people doing things together
co-author, co-chairman, co-defendant, co-director, co-driver, co-founder, co-leader, co-manager, co-membership, co-ownership, co-pilot, co-presenter, co-producer, co-selector, co-star
col-, com-, con-
- referring to words which have 'together' or 'with' in their meaning
collaborate, colleague, collect, collide, collocation, combine, commerce, communal, communication, community, companion, company, compatible, compound, comrade, concur, conference, conjunction, connect, consensus, consortium, conspiracy, contact, contemporary, coverage
- combines with nouns to form adjectives
age-conscious, budget-conscious, cash-conscious, class-conscious, clock-conscious, cost-conscious, design-conscious, diet-conscious, ecology-conscious, energy-conscious, future-conscious, health-conscious, image-conscious, media-conscious, profit-conscious, risk-conscious, safety-conscious, self-conscious, status-conscious, time-conscious, trend-conscious
- when actions or activities oppose another action or activity
conter-accusation, counteract, counterargument, counterattack, counterattraction, counterbalance, counterblow, countercharge, counter-claim, counter-espionage, counterexample, counterfire, counterforce, counter-measure, counter-move, counter-offensive, counter-offer, counterplan, counter-plot, counter-proposal, counterreaction, counter-reform, counter-strategy, counterstrike, counterweight
- referring to vehicles
aircraft, hovercraft, landing-craft, passengercraft, spacecraft, watercraft
- abilities and skills
handicrafts, filmcraft, housecraft, needlecraft, stagecraft, statecraft, witchcraft, woodcraft
- movement
cross-border, cross-campus, cross-channel, cross-country, cross-frontier, cross-harbour, cross-town
- position or direction
cross-bar, cross-beam, cross-current, cross-draught, cross-flow, cross-gust, cross-legged, cross-piece, crossroads, crosswind
- more than one person or thing
cross-breed, cross-cultural, cross-indexed, cross-party, cross-reference, cross-training
- a state or quality
accuracy, ascendancy, buoyance, consistency, decency, deficiency, delicacy, dependency, diplomacy, efficiency, expectancy, fluency, frequency, hesitancy, illiteracy, immediacy, inadequacy, inconsistency, inefficiency, infancy, insufficiency, intimacy, irrelevancy, legitimacy, literacy, obstinacy, potency, pregnancy, privacy, proficiency, redundancy, secrecy, transparency, urgency
- rank, position
accountancy, advocacy, bureaucracy, candidacy, captaincy, chieftaincy, consultancy, magistracy, occupancy, piracy, presidency, tenancy
Showing: 9 prefixes/suffixes, 14 meanings

Letter 'D' (9)

- the opposite action
deactivate, decentralize, declassify, decolonize, decommunissation, decompression, decongestion, decontaminate, decouple, de-emphasize, dehumanize, dehydrate, deindustralize, dematerialize, demobilize, demystify, depersonalize, deregulate, destabilize
- the removal of something
bebug, de-curtain, de-feather, defrost, ge-gut, dehouse, de-ice, de-ink, de-mist, descale, de-skill
- referring to words with 'ten' as part of their meaning
decade, decagon, decalitre, decametre, decathlon
- referring to words with 'tenth' as part of their meaning
decibel, decilitre, decimal, decimetre
- referring to words with 'skin' as part of their meaning
dermal, dermatitis, dermatologist, dermatology, dermis, epidermia
- referring to words with 'through', 'across' or 'between' as part of their meaning
diagonal, dialectic, dialogue, diameter, diaphanous, diaphragm
- the opposite action
disagree, disallow, disappear, disapprove, disarm, disband, disbelieve, disconnect, discontinue, discredit, disembark, disengage, disentangle, dishearten, disinfect, disinherit, disintegrate, disinvest, dislike, dismount, disobey, disorganize, disown, displace, displease, dispossess, disprove, disqualify, dissatisfy, distrust, disunite, disuse
- opposite states
disadvantage, disbelief, discomfort, discontent, discourteous, discourtesy, disfavour, disharmony, dishonest, dishonour, disincentive, disinterested, disloyal, disobedience, disobliging, disorder, disproportionate, disrepute, disrespect, disservice, dissimilar
- state or condition
boredom, chiefdom, dukedom, earldom, freedom, gangsterdom, hippiedom, officialdom, princedom, stardom, wisdom
- a realm or territory
dukedom, kingdom, princedom
- two
double-action, double-barrelled, double-breasted, double-check, double-decker, double-doors, double-edged, double-glazed, double-handed, double-length, double-locked, double-page, double-seamed, double-sied, double-strength
- deception
double-cross, double-deal, double-dealng, double-talk
- direction or position
downhill, downriver, downstage, downstairs, downstream, downward, downwind
- becoming worse
downfall, downgrade, downplay, downtrend, downturn
Showing: 14 prefixes/suffixes, 21 meanings

Letter 'E' (14)

- someone who is affected by an action
addressee, appointee, assgnee, deportee, detainee, employee, evacuee, examinee, franchisee, internee, interviewee, licensee, nominee, payee, trainee, transferee, trustee
- someone who performs on action
absentee, divorcee, escapee, retiree
em-, en-
- when referring to moving into a different state or condition
embark, embed, embody, enable, encamp, encircle, enclose, encourage, endanger, enfeeble, enfold, enforce, engulf, enlarge, enrage, enrich, enslave, entangle, entrance, entrap, entwine
- when changing the quality or state of something
blacken, brighten, broaden, cheapen, dampen, darken, deepen, deafen, fatten, flatten, freshen, harden, heighten, lengthen, lessen, lighten, loosen, mosten, quieten, redden, sharpen, shorten, sicken, slacken, stiffen, straighten, strengthen, sweeten, thicken, toughen, weaken, widen, worsen
- indicating what something is made of
earthen, flaxen, golden, leaden, oaken, silken, waxen, wooden, woollen
- when referring to the action or state described by the original verb
adherence, coherence, correspondence, defence, dependence, emergence, existence, insistence, persistence, preference, pretence, reference, residence, reminiscence, treanscendence
- when forming nouns
absence, adolescence, affluence, benevolence, competence, confidence, convenience, diffidence, disobedience, eloquence, indifference, innocence, intelligence, obedience, patience, presence, violence
- forming adjectives or nouns
abosorbent, correspondent, dependent, different, existent, insistent, persistent, respondent, student
- when forming comparative adjectives
bigger, brighter, colder, darker, deeper, fatter, fuller, larger, later, safer, slower, smaller, softer, thicker
- referring to occupations
baker, driver, employer, farmer, leader, lecturer, manager, painter, player, producer, reader, reporter, rider, speaker, teacher, waiter, winner, worker, writer
- when forming nouns from verbs
bribery, butchery, cookery, delivery, discovery, embroidery, fattery, forgery, recovery, robbery
- referring to behaviour
bravery, foolery, prudery, savagery, snoberry
- referring to places
bakery, brewery, creamery, fashery, nursery, orangery, piggery, refinery, shrubbery, tannery
- referring to a group or collection
artillery, crockery, greenary, jewellery, machinery, pottery, scenery
- referring to origin
Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Maltese, Nepalese, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese
- referring to languages
Chinese, Japanese, Portugese
- nouns referring to a woman or a female animal
actress, countess, duchess, empress, goddess, heiress, hostess, lioness, mistress, princess, stewardess, tigress, waitress
- when forming superlative adjectives
biggeset, darkest, deepest, fattest, largest, longest, loudest, newest, oldest, saddest, slowlest, tallest, youngest
- always
ever-decreasing, ever-efficient, ever-expanding, ever-faithful, ever-growing, ever-helpful, everlasting, ever-increasing, ever-open, ever-popular, ever-present, ever-smiling, ever-watching, ever-willing
- when forming nouns
ex-boxer, ex-communist, ex-convict, ex-employer, ex-friend, ex-husband, ex-minister, ex-president, ex-professor, ex-secretary, ex-soldier, ex-wife
- when forming adjectives
extra-bright, extra-hard, extra-hot, extra-large, extra-long, extra-short, extra-small, extra-soft, extra-solid, extra-thin
Showing: 5 prefixes/suffixes, 8 meanings

Letter 'F' (5)

- when referring to parts of body
chin-first, face-first, feet-first, head-first, heel-first, nose-first
- the front
forearm, foredeck, forehead, foreleg, forelimb, forepart, foreshore
- before
forecast, forefathers, foreknowledge, forerunner, foresee, foreshadow, foresight, foretaste, forethought, forewarn, foreword
- with nouns to form adjectives
additive-free, carefree, crime-free, debt-free, disease-free, dust-free, duty-free, guilt-free, ice-free, interest-free, lead-free, meat-free, muclear-free, oxygen-free, pain-free, pollution-free, rent-free, risk-free, stress-free, tax-free, trouble-free, weed-free
- amounts and measurement
armful, bagful, bottleful, boxful, bucketful, cupful, fistful, glassful, houseful, jugful, mounthful, panful, plateful, pocketful, roomful, sackful, saucerful, spoonful, tablespoonful, tankful, teaspoonful
- characteristics and qualities
beautiful, boastful, cheerful, deceitful, delightful, dutiful, flavourful, forceful, graceful, harmful, helpful, joyful, merciful, painful, peaceful, playful, powerful, shameful, successful, tactful, thankful, useful
- referring to degree or extent
full-blooded, full-blown, full-flavoured, full-grown, full-scale, full-speed, full-strength, full-volume
- referring to the whole
full-colour, full-page, full-size, full-time
Showing: 5 prefixes/suffixes, 8 meanings

Letter 'G' (5)

- referring to words with 'earth' as part of their meaning
geocentric, geographical, geography, geological, geology, geophysical, geophysics, geopolitical, geopolitics
- referring to words with 'angles' as part of their meaning
decagon, hexagon, octagon, polygon
- written or drawn
anagram, diagram, hologram, monogram, pentagram, pictogram, telegram
- weight
kilogram, microgram, milligram
- referring to words with 'writing', 'record' or 'drawing' as part of their meaning
autograph, holograph, monograph, paragraph, photograph, telegraph
- with nouns referring to memebers of a family
great-grandchild, great-granddaughter, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandparent, great-grandson
Showing: 9 prefixes/suffixes, 19 meanings

Letter 'H' (9)

- referring to words with 'blood' as part of their meaning
haematologist, haematology, haemoglobin
- used with verbs, participles, adjectives and nouns to form new verbs, adjectives and nouns
half-afraid, half-asleep, half-cooked, half-dressed, half-eaten, half-empty, half-finished, half-forgotten, half-full, half-grown, half-listening, half-melted, half-open, half-realize, half-smiling, half-starved, half-wild
- parts of something
half-bottle, half-century, half-circle, half-cup, half-distance, half-dozen, half-hour, half-inch, half-length, half-marathon, half-mile, half-million, half-minute, half-page, half-pay, half-pint, half-price, half-strength, half-year
- race and nationality
half-French, half-German, half-English, half-Dutch, half-Irish
- brothers and sisters
half-brother, half-sister
- when made, done or operated by a person
hand-built, hand-finished, hand-knitted, hand-made, hand-operated, hand-painted, hand-printed, hand-sew, hand-stitched, hand-wash, hand-washing, hand-woven, handwriting, handwritten
- carried or operated with your hands
handbag, hand-luggage, hand-bell, handbrake, hand-grenade, handgun, handkerchief, hand-luggage, hand-mirror
- holding something
cup-hand, gun-hand, knife-hand, napkin-hand, phone-hand, racket-hand, weapon-hand
- jobs
cowhand, deckhand, factory-hand, farm-hand, fieldhand, garage-hand
- position
left-hand, right-hand
- disapproval
egghead, fathead, hothead, pinhead, sleepyhead, sorehead, squarehead
- the top part of something
bed-head, clubhead, flower-head, masterhead, pinhead, seed-head
- an entrance or source
bridgehead, letterhead, pithead, railhead, road-head, wellhead
- characteristics
big-headed, cool-headed, empty-headed, even-headed, fuzzy-headed, hard-headed, hot-headed, level-headed, light-headed, soft-headed, thick-headed, wrong-headed
- appearance
bald-headed, bareheaded, black-headed, blong-headed, crop-headed, curly-headed, elephant=headed, flat-headed, gold-headed, grey-headed, heavy-headed, ivory-headed, redheaded, round-headed, shaven-headed, sleek-headed, small-headed, stubble-headed, white-headed
- in the home
home-baked, home-bottled, home-bred, home-brewed, home-cooked, home-distiled, home-dyed, home-frozen, home-grown, home-made, home-painted, home-prepared, home-produced
- related to someone's home
home-based, home-builder, home-buyer, home-centred, home-loving, homemaker, home-owner
- to form new nouns from nouns referring to people
adulthood, babyhood, bachelorhood, boyhood, childhood, daughterhood, fatherhood, girlhood, guesthood, maidenhood, manhood, motherhood, parenthood, spinsterhood, studenthood, wifehood, womanhood
- referring to words with 'water' as part of their meaning
hydrant, hydraulic, hydrocarbon, hydro-electric, hydro-electricity, hydro-energy, hydrofoil, hydrology, hydrophobia, hydro-power
Showing: 18 prefixes/suffixes, 29 meanings

Letter 'I' (18)

- a job or hobby
beautician, comedian, dietician, electician, historian, magician, mathematician, musician, optician, paediatrician, physician, politician, technician
- referring to a particular person
Darwinian, Dickensian, Elizabethan, Georgian, Orwellian, Shakespearean, Victorian
- to form nouns
accessibility, compatibility, credibility, feasibility, legibility, plausibility, reponsibility, susceptibility, tangibility, visibility
- to form adjectives
accessible, comprehensible, convertible, deductible, defensible, digestible, discernible, permissible, resistible
- to form adjectives from nouns
acrobatic, alcoholic, atomic, autocratic, bureaucratic, cubic, democratic, diplomatic, enthusiastic, gymnastic, heroic, idiotic, ironic, linguistic, magnetic, meteoric, patriotic, photographic, poetic, rhytmic, symbolic
- referring to a subject or an area of study
acoustics, aerobics, athletics, classics, economics, electronics, genetics, linguistics, logistics, mathematics, physics, politics
- referring to verbs which describe the process
amplify, beautify, clarify, classify, dignify, diversify, falsify, glorify, horrify, identify, intensify, justify, magnify, modify, notify, personify, purify, qualify, satisfy, signify, simplify, solidify, specify, terrify
il-, im-, in-, ir-
- to form adjectives or nouns
illegal, illegible, illiterate, illogical, immature, impatient, imperfect, impossible, impractical, improbably, inability, inadequate, inaudible, incapable, incomprehensible, independent, informal, injustice, insecurity, irrational, irregular, irrelevant, irreplaceable, irresistible, irrisponsible
- to form adjectives referring to actions done badly
ill-advised, ill-adapted, ill-chosen, ill-concealed, ill-conceived, ill-considered, ill-designed, ill-educated, ill-equipped, ill-founded, ill-informed, ill-paid, ill-prepared, ill-suited, ill-timed
- to form nouns and adjectives
ill-bred, ill-disposed, ill-fated, ill-feeling, ill-fortune, ill-health, ill-humour, ill-luck, ill-natured, ill-starred, ill-tempered, ill-treatment, ill-will
- referring to memebers of family
brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, parents-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law
- between
inter-city, intercontinental, inter-family, interlanguage, international, interpersonal, interplanetary, inter-racial, interseasonal, interstate, interterritorial
- connection
interact, interbreeding, interchange, interconnect, interdependence, interknit, interlink, interlock, intermingled, interplay, intersection, intertwine
- to form nouns from verbs
action, addition, collection, combination, conclusion, connection, contribution, creation, decision, direction, education, examination, exhibition, explanation, imagination, information, operation, organization, production, protection, reaction, realization, reduction, situation
- nationality or language
British, Danish, English, Finnish, Irish, Moorish, Polish, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
- with adjectives
biggish, blackish, bluish, brownish, dampish, darkish, fattish, flattish, goodish, greenish, largish, longish, oldish, plumpish, reddish, smallish, tallish, thinnish, warmish, wettish, whitish, youngish
- to form adjectives from nouns
amateurish, babyish, bearish, boyish, bullish, childish, feverish, fiendish, foolish, girlish, hellish, mannish, monkish, owlish, prudish, slavish, snobbish, wolfish, womanish
- age or time
bookish, outlandish, peckish, selfish, sharpish, sheepish, sluggish, stylish
- beliefs and behaviour
faminism, optimism, pessimism, absenteeism, alcoholism, anarchism, capitalism, consumerism, cynism, expressionism, heroism, hooliganism, humanism, idealism, liberalism, modernism, nationalism, opportunism, patriotism, perfectionism, professionalism, realism, sceptism, socialism, symblism, terrorism, totalitarianism, vandalism
- referring to beliefs and behaviour
activist, capitalist, communist, conformist, extremist, idealist, modernist, nationalist, opportunist, perfectionist, realist, socialist, terrorist
- occupations
artist, cartoonist, columnist, dentist, dramatist, economist, historicist, pharmacist, physicist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, scientist, therapist, tourist, typist
- musicians
bassist, basoonist, cellist, flautist, guitarist, keyboardist, oboist, pianist, saxophonist, trombonist, violinist
- illnesses
appendicitis, arthritis, bronchitis, dermatitis, hepatitis, meaningits, tonsillitis
- to form nouns
absurdity, anonymity, authenticity, brutality, complexity, creativity, curiosity, diversity, equality, familiarity, formality, generosity, hostility, immunity, intensity, originality, popularity, productivity, prosperity, security, sensitivity, simplicity, superiority
- to form adjectives
active, aggressive, alternative, attractive, competitive, comprehensive, constructive, creative, dicisive, defensive, destructive, effective, excessive, expensive, extensive, imaginative, intensive, lucrative, massive, negative, offensive, productive, protective
- to form nouns
addictive, collective, conservative, contraceptive, detective, executive, incentive, initiative, invective, locomotive, missive, motive, narrative, objective, offensive, perspective, preservative, relative, representative
- referring to actions
apologize, characterize, emphasize, fantasize, jeoperdize, memorize, moralize, pressurize, revolutionize, subsidize, summarize, symbolize, sympathize
- to form verbs from nouns and adjectives
democratize, equalize, generalize, harmonize, hospitalize, industrialize, legalize, mobilize, modernize, neutralize, personalize, publicize, stabilize, sterilize, terrorize, victimize
- -ise - British spelling
advertise, advise, comrise, compromise, devise, disguise, exercise, improvise, practise, promise, supervise, surprise,
Showing: 2 prefixes/suffixes, 2 meanings

Letter 'K' (2)

- referring to objects consisted of a thousand parts
kilobyte, kilocalorie, kilogram, kilohertz, kilolitre, kilometre, kilowatt
- to form nouns from nouns referring to people
humankind, mankind, womankind
Showing: 6 prefixes/suffixes, 10 meanings

Letter 'L' (6)

- to form adjectives from nouns or adjectives of nationality
communist-led, consumer-led, demand-led, earnings-led, employee-led, government-led, investment-led, labour-led, market-led, opposition-led, student-led, teacher-led, worker-led
- lacking something
airless, beltless, brainless, characterless, effortless, endless, flawless, harmless, heartless, helpless, hopeless, humourless, lifeless, meaningless, motionless, nameless, powerless, restless, speechless, spineless, tacktless, thoughtless, useless
- when exceeding a category
ageless, countless, numberless, priceless, timeless
- smaller things
booklet, coverlet, cutlet, droplet, eaglet, froglet, islet, owlet, piglet, startlet, streamlet
- jewellery
anklet, armlet, bracelet, circlet, wristlet
- to form adjectives from nouns
animal-like, baby-like, bird-like, cat-like, childlike, clock-like, cowlike, daisy-like, desert-like, dog-like, doll-like, dreamlike, flower-like, honey-like, ladylike, owl-like, pillar-like, prison-like
- referring to words with 'speaking' or 'discussion' as part of their meaning
catalogue, decalogue, dialogue, epilogue, monologue, prologue
- to form adverbs from adjectives
badly, cheaply, clearly, directly, easily, equally, exactly, finally, frequently, gradually, immediately, naturally, normally, obviously, perfectly, properly, quickly, rapidly, recently, seriously, slowly, suddently, usually
- to form adjectives from nouns or other adjectives
costly, earthly, easterly, elderly, fatherly, friendly, heavenly, kindly, leisurely, lively, lonely, lovely, lowly, manly, motherly, northerly, orderly, sharply, sickly, sisterly, southerly, westerly, womanly, worldly
- frequency
daily, forthnightly, hourly, monthly, quarterly, weekly, yearly
Showing: 6 prefixes/suffixes, 10 meanings

Letter 'M' (6)

- to form adjectives from nouns and adjectives
American-made, British-made, Chinese-made, country-made, European-made, factory-made, foreign-made, French-made, fresh-made, hand-made, Hollywood-made, home-made, machine-made, man-made, new-made, ready-made, tailor-made
- to form nouns, adjectives and verbs describing things which are bad or unpleasant
maladjusted, maladministration, maldistribution, malfunction, malnutrition, malodorous, malpractice, maltreatment
- to form nouns and adjectives from words that describe an action
man-destroying, man-devised, man-eating, man-hunt, man-killer, man-made, man-management, man-powered
- referring to occupations or interests
barman, businessman, cameraman, clergyman, coalman, dairyman, deliveryman, fireman, fisherman, gasman, gunman, milkman, policeman, postman, railwayman, repairman, salesman, seaman, stuntman, taxman
- referring to people's origins
Chinaman, Dutchman, Englishman, Frenchman, Irishman, Scotsman, Welshman
- numbers of people
eleven-man team, two-man tent, five-wheel vehicle
- to form new nouns from nouns which refer to a place or activity
bedmate, classmate, clubmate, flatmate, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, shipmate, team-mate, workmate
- referring to size
mega-acquisition, mega-bid, megablock, megabucks, mega-bureaucracy, mega-buyout, mega-fantasy, megaloss, megaproduction, megastar
- referring to measurement
megabyte, megahertz, megaton, megawatt
- to form nouns from verbs
accomplishment, achievement, acknowledgement, adjustment, advertisement, agreement, amazement, announcement, argument, arrangement, asessment, assignement, attachment, commitment, development, discouragement, employment, enjoyment, entertainment, excitement, improvement, investment, involvement, management, movement, payment, punishement, puzzlement, replacement, requirement, resentement, retirement
- in words referring to instruments or devices
barometer, calorimeter, chronometer, colorimeter, hydrometer, mileometer, speedometer, thermometer
- referring to nouns with 'very small' as part of their meaning
microbiology, microcomputer, micro-economics, microelectronics, microfilm, micro-organism, microscope, microstructure
- referring to time
mid-afternoon, mid-century, midday, mid-evening, mid-hour, mid-month, mid-morning, midnight, midsummer, mid-week, midwinter
- referring to position
mid-air, mid-Atlantic, mid-channel, mid-Europe, mid-ocean, mid-road
- referring to actions
mid-bite, mid-career, mid-compsition, mid-flight, mid-life, mid-lunge, mid-page, mid-passage, mid-race, mid-section, mid-sentence, mid-step, mid-term, mid-voyage
- referring to attitudes and characteristics
absent-minded, broadminded, fair-minded, generous-minded, high-minded, like-minded, mean-minded, narrow-minded, open-minded, practical-minded, right-minded, single-minded, small-minded, strong-minded, tidy-minded, tough-minded, weak-minded
- referring to interests and aims
career-minded, community-minded, economy-minded, future-minded, management-minded, peace-minded, reform-minded, security-minded, sports-minded, war-minded
- to form verbs and nouns
misbehave, misbehaviour, miscaluculate, miscaluculation, misconception, misconduct, misdirect, misfortune, mishear, misinform, misinformation, misinterpret, misjudge, misjudgement, mismanage, misplace, misprint, mispronunciation, misquote, misread, mistreat, mistrust, misunderstanding, misuse
- to form nouns and adjectives
mock-attack, mock-childish, mock-discomfort, mock-expensive, mock-flight, mock-heroics, mock-innocent, mock-modesty, mock-sadness, mock-style
- in nouns with 'trader' or 'dealer' as part of their meaning
fishmonger, ironmonger, rumourmonger, warmonger
Showing: 6 prefixes/suffixes, 7 meanings

Letter 'N' (6)

- to form nouns and adjectives from other nouns and adjectives
near-accident, near-bankrupt, near-black, near-certainty, near-chaos, near-crisis, near-disaster, near-equal, near-identical, near-impossible, near-miraculous, near-monopoly, near-panic, near-perfect, near-permanent, near-silence, near-vacuum, near-vertical, near-white
- to form nouns and adjectives from other nouns and adjectives
neo-baroque, neo-classical, neo-classicism, neo-colonialist, neo-Darwinism, neo-expressionism, neo-Freudian, neo-Georgian, neo-Gothic, neo-Liberal
- to form nouns from adjectives which refer to the state or quality
aggressiveness, attractiveness, awareness, awkwardness, bitterness, blindness, boldness, carelessness, cleverness, consciousness, deafness, effectiveness, emptiness, foolishness, friendliness, goodness, happiness, helplessness, illness, kindness, loneliness, loveliness, madness, nervousness, openness, permissiveness, rudeness, sadness, sickness, ugliness, weakness
- referring to something done recently
newborn, new-built house, new-coined word, new-cut, new-fashioned, new-floored, new-found, new-hatched, new-laid, new-made, new-minted, new-pointed, new-washed, new-wedded, new-won
- to form nouns and adjectives
new-age, new-generation, new-look, new-looking, new-smelling, new-style,
- to form nouns
newsagent, newsboy, newscast, newsfilm, newsletter, news-magazine, newsman, newspaper, newsprint, newsreader, newsroom, news-stand
- to form nouns and adjectives
non-aggressive, non-athletic, non-believer, non-binding, non-biological, non-classical, non-competitive, non-economic, non-essential, non-human, non-payment, non-profit, non-reader, non-resident, non-smoker, non-specialist, non-target, non-verbal, non-violence, non-violent
Showing: 11 prefixes/suffixes, 13 meanings

Letter 'O' (11)

- referring to position
off-campus, off-court, off-field, off-road, off-screen, offshore, off-site, off-stage, off-track
- when something is not the case
off-balance, off-centre, off-guard, off-key, off-peak, off-season
- to form adjectives from adverbs referring to a financial situation
badly-off, better-off, comfortably-off, well-off, worse-off
- referring to words which show that something is similar to something else
cuboid, fungoid, humanoid, tabloid
-ological, -ology
- to form nouns referring to an area of study or system
anthropology, astrology, biology, ecology, geology, graphology, ideology, meteorology, methodology, mythology, neurology, ornitology, pathology, physiology, psychology, sociology, technology, terminology, theology, zoology
- to form nouns referring to a place where something takes place
on-court, on-field, on-screen, onshore, on-site, on-stage
- to form adjectives from adjectives
once-common, once-famous, once-fashionable, once-forgotten, once-happy, once-lively, once-lovely, once-popular, once-powerful, once-private, once-respected
- to form nouns from verbs; they usually refer to occupations
actor, administrator, advisor, agitator, collaborator, collector, competitor, conductor, conspirator, contributor, counsellor, creator, director, editor, inspector, inventor, investigator, moderator, narrator, operator, possessor, protector, sailor, speculator, supervisor, visitor
- referring to a process or state
diagnosis, hypnosis, metamorphosis
- referring to illness or disease
neurosis, psychosis, sclerosis, tuberculosis
- to form adjectives which express a quality possessed by someone or something
adventurous, ambiguous, ambitious, anonymous, anxious, cautious, conspicuous, contemptuous, continuous, courageous, curious, dangerous, enormous, famous, furious, gracious, impetuous, mervellous, mysterious, nervous, nutritious, obvious, previous, religious, sensuous, serious, simultaneous, spacious, spontaneous, superstitious, tremendous, various
- to form verbs from verbs, nouns and adjectives
outbit, outclass, outdo, outgrow, outjump, outlast, outlive, outpace, outplay, outrun, outsell, outsmart, outstare, outswim, out-talk, out-walk, outwit
- to form adjectives, verbs and nouns expressing a quality or action done to too great extent
over-anxious, overburden, over-cautious, overcharge, over-confident, overcook, overcrowd, over-developed, overdo, overdose, overdue, overeat, overestimate, overexposure, overfill, overgrown, overheat, overload, over-populated, overproduce, over-protective, overrate, over-react, oversized, oversleep, overspend, overweight, overwork, over-worried
- to form verbs from nouns and verbs
overcome, override, overrule, overrun, overthrow, overturn
Showing: 17 prefixes/suffixes, 23 meanings

Letter 'P' (17)

- to form adjectives from adjectives describing nations
pan-African, pan-American, pan-continental, pan-European
- to form nouns and adjectives expressing similarity
paramedic, paramilitary, para-professional
- referring to activities involving parachutes
parachute, paragliding, parasailing
- to form adjectives and nouns from past participles and nouns
part-assembled, part-concealed, part-constructed, part-cooked, part-owner, part-ownership, part-payment
- to form nouns referring to people who live in a particular place or involved in some activity
country-people, townspeople, tradespeople
- referring to occupation or involvement
chairperson, newsperson, spokesperson
- referring to numbers
a eleven-person game, a three-person flat, a two-person board game
- in words which describe someone who likes something very much
bibliophile, Europhile, Anglophile, Francophile
-phobia, -phobic
- in words which have 'fear' or 'drad' as part of their meaning
agoraphobia, agoraphobic, claustrophobia, claustrophobic, homophobia, hydrophobia, xenophobia, xenophobic
- in words with 'sound' or 'voice' as part of their meaning
phonetic, phonetics, phonic, phonograph, phonology
- referring to words connected with instruments
gramophone, megaphone, microphone, saxophone, telephone
- used with numbers
a two-piece dress, a one-piece costume
- referring to use or position
chimney-piece, earpiece, eyepiece, mouthpiece
- referring to words which have 'many' as part of their meaning
polyglot, polygon, polygraph, polyphony, polysyllabic, polytechnic
- to form adjectives
nutrient-poor, oxygen-poor, resource-poor
- to form nouns and adjectives
post-election, post-examination, post-impressionism, post-independence, post-medieval, post-modernism, post-natal, post-race, post-religious, post-renaissance
- referring to postal services
postbag, post-box, postcard, postcode, postman, postmark, postmaster, post-office, post-service
- referring to something before
pre-birth, pre-budget, pre-Christmas, pre-dawn, pre-delivery, pre-dinner, pre-election, pre-examination, pre-game, pre-independece, pre-lunch, premarital, pre-match, pre-race, pre-retirement, pre-revolution, pre-school, pre-transformation
- referring to an action which has already happened
pre-arranged, pre-booked, preconception, pre-cooked, pre-cut, predestination, pre-digested, pre-heated, premeditation, pre-packed, pre-paid, pre-payment, pre-planned, pre-prepared, pre-recorded, pre-selected
- expressing support
pro-allies, pro-business, pro-capitalist, pro-choice, pro-communist, pro-democracy, pro-family, pro-feminst, pro-government, pro-monarchy, pro-nationalist, pro-union
- to form adjectives
accident-proof, bullet-proof, child-proof, damp-proof, dust-proof, fireproof, foolprood, frost-proof, heatproof, inflation-proof, leakproof, ovenproof, rainproof, rust-proof, shoundproof, storm-proof, water-proof, windproof
- in words with 'mind' or 'mental processes' as part of their meaning
psychiatrist, psychiatry, psychic, psychoanalyst, psychological, psychology, psychopath
Showing: 2 prefixes/suffixes, 2 meanings

Letter 'Q' (2)

- to form words which indicate that something consist of four parts
quadrangle, quadriceps, quadrilateral
- to form adjectives which describe things which are almost the same as the adjective used
quasi-attractive, quasi-academic, quasi-diplomatic, quasi-human, quasi-industrial, quasi-legal, quasi-magical, quasi-military, quasi-moderate, quasi-moral, quasi-official, quasi-religious
Showing: 5 prefixes/suffixes, 5 meanings

Letter 'R' (5)

- to form words which have 'radiation' or 'radio waves' as part of their meaning
radioactive, radio-car, radiocarbon, radio-controlled, radiogram, radiography, radio-telephone, radio-telescope
- to form verbs and nouns which indicate that an action or process happens a second time
re-allocation, reappear, rebuild, reconsider, reconstruct, recreate, redefine, rediscover, redistribute, re-examine, refreeze, regenerate, remarry, rename, reopen, repossess, reprint, re-read, restart, reunite, rewrite
- to form adjectives which indicate that one thing is connected with the other
alcohol-related, career-related, city-related, disaster-related, drug-related, drink-related, earnings-related, income-related, job-related, leisure-related, race-related, school-related, smoking-related, stress-related, tax-related, work-related
- to form adjectives from nouns. The words formed indicate that the thing contains a lot of something
carbon-rich, cash-rich, energy-rich, fat-rich, fibre-rich, information-rich, lead-rich, mineral-rich, nitrate-rich, nutrient-rich, oil-rich, oxygen-rich, protein-rich, resource-rich, rubber-rich, species-rich, sugar-rich, vitamin-rich
- to form adjectives from nouns. The adjectives indicate that somebody/something suffer from something     unpleasant or unwanted
class-ridden, cliche-ridden, debt-ridden, disease-ridden, draught-ridden, drought-ridden, fear-ridden, flood-ridden, guilt-ridden, lice-ridden, maggot-ridden, mouse-ridden, penalty-ridden, plague-ridden, rumour-ridden, scandal-ridden, storm-ridden, strike-ridden, tension-ridden, terror-ridden
Showing: 12 prefixes/suffixes, 26 meanings

Letter 'S' (12)

- to form nouns which describe the view of an area
cityscape, cloudscape, lakescape, landscape, moonscape, mudscape, riverscape, seascape, skyscape, snowscape, starscape, townscape
- to form words describing actions done to or by yourself
self-analysis, self-appointed, self-approval, self-awareness, self-catering, self-control, self-criticism, self-defeating, self-defece, self-denial, self-discipline, self-doubt, self-educated, self-employed, self-hate, self-image, self-indulgence, self-interest, self-knowledge, self-love, self-management, self-pity, self-portrait, self-protection, self-reliance, self-service, self-taught
- to form nouns or adjectives which describe how people feel about themselves
self-assertive, self-assurance, self-assured, self-confidence, self-confident, self-conscious, self-esteem, self-importance, self-important, self-possessed, self-respect, self-respecting, self-satisfied
- to form nouns and adjectives which describe something only party true
semi-automatic, semi-conscious, semi-dark, semi-darkness, semi-human, semi-liquid, semi-mystical, semi-naked, semi-official, semi-organic, semi-permanent, semi-precious, semi-retired, semi-skilled, semi-soft
- to form nouns and adjectives which express the idea that something is equal to one half of something else
semi-annual, semicircle, semicircular, semi-detached, semi-tone
- to form nouns which refer to people in a particular occupation or position
apprenticeship, authorship, chairmanship, citizenship, deanship, directorship, doctorship, editorship, headmastership, leadership, membership, ownership, premiership, professorship, stewardship, studentship, traineeship
- to form nouns which refer to the skill the people used when doing the job or occupation
craftsmanship, draftsmanship, horsemanship, marksmanship, musicianship, salesmanship, seamanship, showmanship, sportsmanship, workmanship
- to form nouns which refer to a relations between two or more people and things
acquaintanceship, companionship, friendship, partnership, relationship
- to form nouns which refer to types of vehicles
airship, battleship, gunship, spaceship, steamship, troopship, warship
- to form referring to the edge of the place
bedside, deskside, fireside, heartside, hillside, lakeside, mountainside, parkside, poolside, ringside, riverside, roadside, seaside, waterside
- to form nouns
earthside, grass-side, greenside, innerside, left-side, northside, openside, palm-side, passenger-side, right-side, sand-side, southside, underside, upperside
-size, sized
- to form adjectives from nouns which describe the same size as something else
apple-sized, button-sized, cat-sized, city-sized, coin-sized, cottage-sized, farm-sized, finger-sized, fist-sized, man-sized, mouse-sized, page-sized, pea-sized, pin-sized, postcard-sized, poster-sized, room-sized, teaspoon-size, wall-size
- to form adjectives from nouns describing something as being a suitable size for a particular purpose
adult-size, child-size, family-size, man-size, pocket-size
- to form adjectives referring to the size
average size, full-size, giant-size, good-size, large-size, medium-size, middle-size, mid-size, moderate-size, normal-size, ordinary-size, small-size, standard-size
- to form adjectives from nouns and verbs
adventuresome, bothersome, loathsome, lonesome, meddlesome, quarrelsome, venturesome
- to form adjectives from nouns, verbs and adjectives
awesome, fearsome, tiresome, troublesome, wearisome, worrisome
- to form nouns
chromosome, handsome, noisome, toothsome, wholesome
- to form nouns
computer-speak, consumer-speak, lawyer-speak, marketing-speak, media-speak, teacher-speak
- to form nouns
stepbrother, stepdaughter, stepfather, stepmother, step-parent, stepsister, stepson
- to form adjectives from nouns
awe-stricken, famine-stricken, fear-striken, grief-stricken, guilt-stricken, horror-stricken, panic-stricken, poverty-stricken, terror-stricken
- to form nouns
sub-branch, sub-centre, sub-chief, sub-class, sub-contractor, subculture, subdepartment, subdivision, sub-editor, sub-group, sub-heading, sub-paragraph, sub-party, sub-plot, subset, sub-species, sub-system, sub-text, sub-total, subtype
- to form nouns, adjectives and verbs which describe things which are beneath something else
sub-basement, subcurrent, submarine, submerge, suboceanic, subsea, subsoil, sub-surface, subterranean, subtitle, subway
- to form nouns and adjectives which describe things that are inferior, smaller
sub-freezing, subhuman, sub-humid, subnormal, substandard, subteenage, sub-zero
- to form adjectives describing quality in a very large degree
super-active, super-cheap, super-clever, super-dominant, super-efficient, super-friendly, super-heavy, super-intelligent, supermodern, super-quick, super-rich, super-secure, super-sensitive, supersophisticated
- to form nouns
superathlete, superbrain, super-computer, super-genius, super-hero, superhighway, super-leader, superman, supermarket, superpower, superstar, superstate, superstore, supertanker
Showing: 8 prefixes/suffixes, 11 meanings

Letter 'T' (8)

- to form words which refer something distant or something happens over a distance
telecommuter, telegram, telegraph, telepathy, telephone, teleprinter, telescope, television
- referring to words with 'god' as part of their meaning
theological, theology
- referring to words with 'heat' as part of their meaning
thermometer, thermonuclear, thermopollution, thermostat, thermotherapy
- to form nouns describing things or people that will become whatever the original nouns describe
bride-to-be, husband-to-be, mother-to-be, parents-to-be, wife-to-be, house-to-be, soon-to-be, never-to-be
- to form adjectives
too-clean, too-close, too-cold, too-easy, too-familiar, too-high, too-large, too-late, too-long, too-loud, too-massive, too-much, too-rapid, too-tight
- describing something moving from one side of something to the other
transAmerica, transatlantic, transcontinental, transoceanic, trans-Siberian, trans-world
- describing processes where something goes from one place to another
transfer, transfusion, transmit, transplant, transport
- describing process where one thing crosses or goes through another
translucent, transparency, transparent
- describing processes when something changes its shape or form
transcript, transcription, transform, translate, translation, transmute, transubstantial
- to form words which indicate that something consists of three parts
triangle, tricolour, tricycle, trilateral, tri-level, trilogy, triple, triplet, triplicate, tripod, trisyllabic
- to form words which refer to something similar
European-type, executive-type, gothic-type, military-type, police-type, rail-type, snack-type, Polish-type, war-type, Western-type
Showing: 7 prefixes/suffixes, 13 meanings

Letter 'U' (7)

- to form adjectives from nouns
cellular, curricular, granular, modular, molecular, muscular, valvular, circular, rectangular, triangular
- to form adjectives from adjactives
ultra-cautious, ultra-clean, ultra-conservative, ultra-fast, ultra-high, ultra-intelligent, ultra-light, ultra-low, ultra-modern, ultra-powerful, ultra-rich, ultra-secretive, ultra-sharp, ultra-smart, ultra-smooth, ultra-sophisticated
- to form adjectives, nouns and adverbs with the opposite meaning
unable, unacceptable, unalive, unalterable, unbelievable, unbiased, uncertain, unlcean, uncomfortable, unconscious, uncooperative, undemocratic, uneatable, unemotional, unemployed, unfaithful, unfortunate, unhappy, unhelpful, unkind, unlucky, unnatural, unnecessary, unoficial, unpleasant, unpredictable, unrealistic, unremarkable, unsafe, unsuccessful, untidy, unusual, unwilling
- to form adjectives from participles
unbeaten, unbuilt, uncaring, unchanging, undamaged, undemanding, undisturbed, unexpected, unharmed, unhesitating, uninterrupted, uninviting, unloved, unneeded, unoffending, unpainted, unprepared, unread, untaught, untrusting, unwritten
- to form verbs
unbend, uncover, undo, undress, unlearn, unlock, unmake, unpack, unplug, unscrew, untie, unwrap, untwist
- to form verbs, nouns and adjectives
underdeveloped, under-equipped, underestimate, under-financed, undergrown, underpay, underpriced, undersize, undervalue, underweight
- referring to words denoting that something is beneath something else or that something happens below something else
underarm, underblanket, underclothes, underfoot, underground, underline, underlip, underpass, underscore, underside, under-soil, undersurface, underwater, underwear
- to form nouns referring to lower rank or status than someone else
under-butler, under-footman, undergraduate, under-manager, under-secretary, underservant, undersheriff
- referring to words with 'one' or 'single' as part of their meaning
uniform, unilateral, union, unique, unite, unity
- to form words which indicate that a person or thing is moving towards higher position or is situated in a higher position
up-current, upfield, unhill, upland, upriver, upside, upstage, upstairs, upstream, upwards, upwind
- to form verbs and nouns
update, upgrade, uprate, upturn
- to form verbs, nouns, and adjectives describing some disturbance, trouble
upbeat, upbringing, upcoming, upheaval, uphold, upkeep, uplift, upmarket, upright, upstanding, uptake
- to form nouns from verbs
closure, composure, departure, disclosure, enclosure, expenditure, exposure, failure, mixture, pleasure, procedure, sculpture, seizure
Showing: 2 prefixes/suffixes, 2 meanings

Letter 'V' (2)

- to form nouns describing less important ranks
vice-captain, vice-chairman, vice-consul, vice-minister, vice-premier, vice-president, vice-principal
- to form words with 'telvised pictures' as part of their meaning
video-cassette, video-recorder, video-tape
Showing: 9 prefixes/suffixes, 14 meanings

Letter 'W' (9)

-ward, -wards
- to form words describing the direction
backward, backwards, ceiling-ward, downward, earthward, eastward, floorward, homeward, inward, northward, onward, outward, seaward, shoreward, skyward, southward, upward, westward
- to form nouns referring to things made of a particular substance/material or are intended for a particular use
chinaware, cookware, copperware, dinnerware, giftware, glassware, houseware, iron-ware, kitchenware, silverware, stoneware, tableware
- to form adjectives which describe something good
well-acted, well-adjusted, well-arranged, well-balanced, well-behaved, well-bred, well-built, well-chosen, well-cut, well-designed, well-dressed, well-educated, well-furnished, well-made, well-organized, well-prepared, well-preserved, well-qualified, well-timed, well-trained, well-understood, well-written
- to form adjectives denoting a large amount of something
well-attended, well-beaten, well-chewed, well-covered, well-deserved, well-earned, well-hidden, well-known, well-lit, well-loved, well-oiled, well-populated, well-respected, well-scrubbed, well-tried, well-worn
- to form adjectives expressing that someone feels friendly
well-disposed, well-intentioned, well-meaning, well-meant, well-received, well-regarded
- to form words which express that something exists or happens throughout the whole place, area, organisation
area-wide, city-wide, company-wide, ocntinent-wide, countrywide, industry-wide, nationwide, population-wide, society-wide, state-wide, worldwide
- to form words which describe actions similar to the things or people referred to by the nouns used
clockwise, hammer-wise, machine-wise, monkey-wise, sack-wise, sailor-wise, slantwise, sleepwalker-wise, star-wise
- to form nouns referring to women who do a particular job or who come from a particular place
barwoman, businesswoman, careerwoman, chairwoman, cleaning-woman, countrywoman, craftswoman, Englishwoman, Frenchwoman, Irishwoman, policewoman, saleswoman, Scotswoman, spokeswoman, sportswoman, yachtswoman
- to form nouns referring to things made of the substance or material
brickwork, cement-work, ironwork, lacework, leatherwork, metalwork, paintwork, pipework, plasterwork, silverwork, steelwork, stonework, tilework, woodwork
- to form nouns referring to activities done with the things indicated by the noun
brainwork, brushwork, camerawork, footwork, legwork, needlework, paperwork, woodwork
- to form nouns referring to tasks
classwork, course-work, groupwork, homework, housework, model-work, schoolwork, speech-work
- to form nouns referring to the job
day-work, farmwork, nightwork, office-work, police-work, practical-work, saleswork, shiftwork, shop-work, shore-work
- to form adjectives from nouns describing what people deserve
applause-worthy, award-worthy, creditworthy, headline-worthy, noteworthy, praiseworthy, respect-worthy, trustworthy
- to form words referring to people who build, create or repair something
millwright, playwright, shipwright, wheelwright, wainwright
Showing: 1 prefixes/suffixes, 3 meanings

Letter 'Y' (1)

- to form adjectives from nouns. The adjectives denote that something / someone is very similar to the thing the noun refers to
blotchy, bulky, bushy, cloudy, dirty, dusty, fatty, flowery, foggy, grassy, hairy, itchy, mighty, muddy, rainy, sketchy, smoky, sneaky, snowy, stoney, stumpy, sunny, thirty, tinny, worthy
- to form adjectives describing the colour
pinky, yellowy, greeny
- to form informal words to give them more affectionate or familiar form

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