Znaki zodiaku po angielsku

Polski Angielski Data Charakterystyka
Wodnik Aquarius,
the Water Carrier
20.01-18.02 Aquarians are kind, peaceful, gentle. They have a good sense of humour. They like crowds and do not have close friends.
Ryby Pisces,
the Fish
19.02-20.03 You are very creative and artistically minded. You are not very ambitious and you don't like competition.
Byk Taurus,
the Bull
20.04-20.05 You are reliable, dependable and sensible so it's good to have you around in difficult situations. Not very talkative. Sometimes very obstinate.
Bliźnięta Gemini,
the Twins
21.05-21.06 Active and full of energy. You try to do as much as you can and get a bit impatienet with those who are slower.
Rak Cancer,
the Crab
22.06-22-07 Moody: you quickly pass from euphoria to total depression. You love history and have strong patriotic feelings. You love good food and are often good gardeners.
Lew Leo,
the Lion
23.07-22.08 Extrovert, loving to be the centre of attention. You suffer when you aren't. Loyal and good at solving problems. Make good friends. Like Gossiping.
Panna Virgo,
the Virgin
23.08-22.09 Quiet and lonely characters. You are often perfectionists, neat and well-mannered. Sincere and reliable but excessive worriers.
Waga Libra
the Scales
23.09-23.10 Intelligent, logical, can concentrate very well and think deeply. Sometimes unable to make decisions and lazy.
Skorpion SCORIO,
the Scorpion
24.10-21.11 Egoists. Have a lot of self-knowledge and self-awareness but are well-controlled as far as emotions are concerned. Interested in religion.