Dni tygodnia po angielsku

The names of the Anglo-Saxon mythological figures survive in the names of four out of the seven days of the week*.

Polski Angielski Pochodzenie
Poniedziałek Monday Moon's day
Wtorek Tuesday * Tiu's day
Środa Wednesday * Woden's day
Czwartek Thursday * Thor's day
Piątek Friday * Freya's day
Sobota Saturday Saturn's day
Niedziela Sunday Sun's day
  • Monday alone,
  • Tuesday together,
  • Wednesday we walk
  • When it's fine weather,
  • Thursday we kiss,
  • Friday we cry,
  • Saturday's hours
  • Seem almost to fly,
  • But of all the days of the week
  • We will call
  • Sunday, the rest day,
  • The best day of all.