English grammar exercises Past Simple

English grammar exercises Past Simple. Complete the gaps with the words in Past Simple tense corresponding to the words in the sentences in Present Simple.
1 I a lot of letters when I was younger. I hardly ever write letters now.
2 They sell almost everything, but they once good handmade cakes.
3 He is very good at English. He first in English at school.
4 I have the same mobile now that I 2 years ago.
5 I don’t keep pets now, but I a cat when I was a child.
6 Where did you eat last night? – We at a coffee bar.
7 I hardly Susan’s husband. Did you know him at all?
8 We always meet on Saturday. We last Saturday as usual.
9 He often finds things on the beach. He a purse yesterday.
10 He’s always leaving the window open. Who it open this time?