Past Continuous vs Past Simple exercise

Past Continuous vs Past Simple exercise. Fill in the gaps with the words in brackets in Past Continuous or Past Simple Tense.
1. When the war out we in Warsaw. (break / live)
2. It to rain when we . (begin / start)
3. While I to the concert somebody at the door. (listen / knock)
4. When they in that house she very ill. (live / be)
5. We just for Mary when John . (wait / come)
6. They wine every day when they in France. (drink / be)
7. She very quickly when the accident . (drive / happened)
8. We dinner when he . (have / arrive)
9. They tennis when we there. (play / get)
10. She a pink summer frock when I her yesterday. (wear / meet)
11. The telephone while I my bath. (ring / have)
12. My son his knee badly when he his bicycle yesterday. (hurt / ride)
13. While the scientist in his laboratory a friend to see him. (work / come)
14. When the farmer wheat he many airplanes in the sky. (sow / see)
15. At half past nine she still her homework. (do)