Past Continuous vs Past Simple ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Uzupełnij luki z podanymi wyrazami w nawiasach w czasie Past Continuous lub Past Simple. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Past Continuous
1. When the war out we in Warsaw. (break / live)
2. It to rain when we . (begin / start)
3. While I to the concert somebody at the door. (listen / knock)
4. When they in that house she very ill. (live / be)
5. We just for Mary when John . (wait / come)
6. They wine every day when they in France. (drink / be)
7. She very quickly when the accident . (drive / happened)
8. We dinner when he . (have / arrive)
9. They tennis when we there. (play / get)
10. She a pink summer frock when I her yesterday. (wear / meet)
11. The telephone while I my bath. (ring / have)
12. My son his knee badly when he his bicycle yesterday. (hurt / ride)
13. While the scientist in his laboratory a friend to see him. (work / come)
14. When the farmer wheat he many airplanes in the sky. (sow / see)
15. At half past nine she still her homework. (do)