Future simple tense exercises

Future simple tense exercises. Fill in the gaps with the words at the very end of the sentences in Future Simple Tense.
1. Miss Brown a new list tonight. (make)
2. We a policeman which road to take. (ask)
3. My wife on you tomorrow. (call)
4. I my lunch at twelve o'clock. (have)
5. He here on Wednesday. (be)
6. He at two o'clock tomorrow. (come)
7. The new park a very great area. (cover)
8. We the answer tomorrow. (know)
9. I hope we him tonight. (meet)
10. When the thermometer is below zero water . (freeze)
11. She her ticket the day after tomorrow. (buy)
12. We for a long walk soon. (go)
13. A lift us to the top floor of the hotel. (take)
14. I am afraid it quite impossible. (be)
15. You a three months' holiday this year. (have)