Focus English Online Polska wersja

Articles: a, an, the, zero article answers

  • 1. I need x paper. (material)
  • 2. I need a paper. (magazine)
  • 3. This boy broke a glass. (vessal)
  • 4. The windows are made of x glass (material).
  • 5. The new house is built of x brick.
  • 6. The bricklayer took a brick into his hand.
  • 7. Bridges are built of x iron.
  • 8. Mary wants an iron to press some shirts.
  • 9. There was a lot of x snow last winter.
  • 10. The children ski on the snow that fell yesterday.
  • 11. There is more x water in the river than there was a month ago.
  • 12. The water of the Baltic Sea is usually cold.
  • 13. In England many houses are built of x stone.
  • 14. John could not lift the stone which lay at his feet.
  • 15. The best kind of food is x bread.
  • 16. Please pass the bread to me.
  • 17. I like x butter you have bought for me.
  • 18. The butter is one of the best fats for man.
  • 19. x (T)tea is served in England about 5 p. m.
  • 20. We don't like the tea which Mrs Smith makes.
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