Verbs with prepositions

In English there is a group of verbs which are used with prepositions.

advise against doing sth advice against
agree about sth agreement about
agree to a proposal agreement to
agree with sb agreement with
aim at/for a target aim at/for
apologize to sb for sth apology to sb
apply to sb for sth application to
approve of sb/sth approval of
arrive at/in arrival at/in
ask for sb/sth -
become of sb -
begin with sth/by doing -
believe in sb/sth belief in sb/sth
belong to sb/sth -
borrow from sb -
choose between choice between
confess to sb/sth confession to
deal with a problem -
depend on sb/sth dependence on
differ from sb/sth difference from/to
dream about/of (doing) sth dream of
emerge from a place emergence from
fail in an exam failure in
guess at the truth guess at
identify with sb identification with
insist on (doing) sth insistence on
knock at the door knock at the door
know of/about knowledge of
laugh at/about sb/sth laughter at sth
listen to sb/sth -
look after sb/sth -
look at sb/sth -
look for sb/sth -
meet with sb (AmE) meeting with
object to sb/sth objection to
pay for sb/sth pay(ment) for
quarrel with sb/about sth quarrel with/about
read about sth -
reason with sb -
refer to sb/sth reference to
rely on sb/sth reliance to
reply to sb/sth reply to sb
report on sb/sth to sb report on
resign from a job resignation from
retire from one's job retirement from
search for sb/sth search for
succeed in (doing) sth success in (doing)
suffer from an illness -
talk to sb about sth talk to sb about sth
trade with sb/in sth trade in sth
trust in sb/sth trust in sb/sth
trust in sb/sth trust in sb/sth
vote for/against sb/sth vote for/against
wait for sb/sth wait for
wish for wish for
write to sb/about sth -