How to use adverbs in English

How to use adverbs in English. Fill in the gaps with comparative forms of the English adverbs in brackets at the end of the sentences.
1. He went than his friends. (far)
2. In this shop, you can buy things . (cheap)
3. This train seems to be moving than a rocket. (fast)
4. Don is working than Greg. (hard)
5. May I come than 10 o'clock? (late)
6. George climbed than I. (high)
7. Come to me. (close)
8. You should have hung up that picture than that. (low)
9. I told you to come . Why are you so late? (early)
10. The reply came than we had expected. (soon)
11. Bob ran than all the others. (fast)
12. Mary sang than the other girls. (well)
13. Our team went than all the other teams. (far)
14. The test was difficult for me, so I finished it than the other students. (late)
15. The Smiths arrived than the others. (early)
16. Mr Brown's speech lasted than the other speeches. (long)
17. Those who work are often paid . (hard / little)
18. Sally works than the other pupils. (slowly)
19. Billy went than the other climbers. (high)
20. He speaks English much than he did a year ago. (well)