Zero in English

In English 0 is pronounced in a number of ways depending on the context in which it is used. The chart below shows different ways of pronouncing 0 which depend on the situation.

We write We say
phone numbers: 0 = oh
numer: 679 0844
number: six seven nine oh eight double four
car number plates: 0 = oh
H six oh one B N A
years: 0 = oh
year: 1908
nineteen oh eight
in the 24 hour clock
hour: 0903
nine oh three hours
temperature: 0 = zero
twenty degrees below zero
decimals: 0 = nought or is not pronounced at all
point seven five lub
nought seven five
football matches: 0 = nil
Manchester : Leeds 3:0
Manchester : Leeds three to nil
tennis, squash: 0 = love
fifteen love