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Articles: a/an vs. some/any - ćwiczenie

Wstaw a/an lub some/any tam, gdzie to konieczne. Jeżeli nie jest konieczne wpisz x.

Potrzebujesz pomocy? Articles - objaśnienia

1. I want ticket to London, please.
2. Cars cause pollution.
3. Look, there is aeroplane in the sky.
4. There are clouds in the sky today but the weather is fine.
5. Be careful! There is car in front of us.
6. I have old records here.
7. I want writing pad, pen, and ink.
8. There isn't ink in my pen.
9. I've never met Eskimo.
10. English teachers should know English well.
11. Have you got cigarettes on you?
12. Cigarettes are bad for your health.
13. Fetch me apples, please.
14. Everybody likes getting flowers.
15 Stamps are made of paper.
16. There's soot on your forehead.
17. Fruit and vegetables contain lots of vitamins.
18. There are letters for you, John.
19. I wonder if there are mistakes in my test.
20. Have you got books on English phonetics?