Idiomy angielskie z wyrazami matter, mind

Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
a matter of concern powód niepokoju, troski Our son's behaviour at school has been a matter of concern to us for some time now.
a matter of life and/or death kwestia życia i śmierci Chris was working to finish the designs all day - as if they were a matter of life or death.
a matter of opinion kwestia opinii Whether or not computer games are bad for children is a matter of opinion.
a matter of time kwestia czasu It's only a matter of time before his old car falls to pieces altogether. It`s twenty years old.
no laughing matter poważna sprawa, nie przelewki, nic do śmiechu Nowadays being out of work is no laughing matter.
no matter what/who/where/which etc nie ważne co/kto/gdzie/który ... No matter who phones, I'm not at home, okey?
as a matter of course automatycznie, w sposób oczywisty To most young married couples, starting a family is a matter of course.
be the matter coś dolegać, nie byś w porządku, coś się stało He looked pale and exhausted. I knew something was the matter.
for that matter także, również France makes over three million cars a year - so, for that matter, does West Germany.
Idiom Tłumaczenie Przykład
mind one's own business pilnuj własnego nosa Vicky asked me how much I earned, so I told her to mind her own business.
mind your p's and q's uważać na swoje zachowanie You two mind your p's and q's or I`ll take the back of my hand to you!
cross someone`s mind przyjść komuś na myśl, przejść komuś przez myśl 'Perhaps he would like to sell him car. Shall we ask him?' 'Yes, the thought crossed my mind as well.'
have half a mind to do something zastanawiać się czy czegoś nie zrobić I have half a mind to tell his mother about his bad behaviour - but then I don't really want him to be punished.
have a good mind to do something mieć szczery zamiar, wielką ochotę coś zrobić I have a good mind to call the waiter and send this food back to the kitchen. It`s awful.
have a mind of one's own mieć swój rozum You won't succeed in telling him what he should do - he has a mind of his own.
have something / a lot / enough etc. on one`s mind mieć umysł zaprzątnięty czymś She seems to be quiet these days. She must have a lot on her mind.
keep / bear somebody / something in mind pamiętać, mieć na uwadze I`ll keep you in mind when I want to sell my car.
make up one`s mind zdecydować się, postanowić Has he made up his mind which universities to apply to?
slip one`s mind wypaść, wylecieć z pamięci Susan said she would give me her new phone number, but it must have slipped her mind.
speak one`s mind mówić otwarcie, szczerze I know you don't want to hurt anyone, but I think in this case you should speak your mind.
be (all) in the mind to wymysł, urojenie 'But I'm sure somebody is over there.' 'Come on. It's all in the mind.'
be of one / of the same mind być tego samego zdania We are of the same mind about the education of children. We both believe they learn more at home than at school.
change one's mind about something zmienić zdanie odnośnie ... She wanted to buy a new car, but she's changed her mind and she bought a motorcycle.
drive someone out of mind doprowadzać do szaleństwa, szału Would turn that music down? It's driving me out of my mind.
give someone a piece of one's mind powiedzieć komuś kilka słów do słuchu I'm sick and tired of his excuses. The next time he says he hasn't got time to help, I will give him a piece of my mind.
know one's (own) mind mieć wyrobione, określone poglądy She often changes jobs. I don't think she knows her own mind.
to my mind moim zdaniem Look, to my mind the question's quite simple - either he changes the offer or you turn it down.