Słownictwo: uzupełnij zdania (2)

słownictwo elementary 29
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The first on the moon was in 1969.
The Second World was from 1939 to 1945.
Madonna's first single was in the 80s.
My grandparents were for more than fifty years.
When I was in Berlin last year, the was very cold.
How people were at the party?
My family and I were on at the seaside.
Disco was very popular in the nineteen-seventies.
The Athens Olympic were in two thousand and four.
The Italian Dante was born in the thirteenth century.
Yugoslavia were world backetball in nineteen ninety-eight.
Catherine the Great was of Russia in the eighteenth century.
My brother last year. He was at Glasgow University.
When I was at school, my parents often helped me with my .
I studied French when I was at school, but I don't very much now.