Przeczenia w czasie Present Simple ćwiczenie

  • 1 I buy a newspaper every day but sometimes I do not read it.
  • 2 Paul has a car but he does not use it very often.
  • 3 They like films but they do not go to the cinema very often.
  • 4 Amanda is married but she does not wear a ring.
  • 5 I do not know much about politics. I'm not interested in it.
  • 6 It's not an expensive hotel. It does not cost much to stay there.
  • 7 Brian lives near us but we do not see him very often.
  • 8 She doesn’t have a TV so she does not watch it.
  • 9 He does not play computer games.
  • 10 She does not drink lemonade because she doesn’t like it.

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