Meeting 23

Choose the right words to complete the text below. Write the words in the fields provided.
(1) primary / secondary - (2) primary / secondary - (3) make / get - (4) to / for - (5) do / make
(6) take / pass - (7) pass / succeed - (8) passed / failed - (9) doing / getting - (10) choose / do

When British girls between the ages of five and eleven go to (1) school,
they often do better at school than boys.
But now older girls are doing better at (2) school too.
Many people think that boys (3) better grades in science and mathematics
and girls do well in languages and art.
But more and more women apply (4) courses in law and engineering at university
and many (5) courses in mathematics and economics.
Every year, tens of thousands of British teenagers (6) their 'A' or 'Advanced' level exams.
Young people need to (7) these exams if they want to go to university.
But in 2005, more boys than girls (8) their 'A' levels.
Too many young boys leave school without (9) qualifications.
They then (10) careers in badly paid jobs.
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