Jezyk angielski articles cwiczenia - odpowiedzi

  • 1. There was a man and a woman in the room. The man was English but the woman looked foreign. She was wearing a fur coat.
  • 2. This morning I bought a newspaper and a magazine. The newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where the magazine is.
  • 3. My parents have a cat and a dog. The dog never bites the cat but the cat often scratches the dog.
  • 4. I saw an accident this morning. A car crashed into a wall. The driver of the car was not hurt but the car was quite badly damaged
  • 5. When you turn into Winston Road, you will see three houses: a red one, a blue one and a white one. I live in the white one.
  • 6. We live in an old house in the middle of the village. There is a beautiful garden behind the house. The roof of the house is in very bad condition.