Have something done cwiczenia


Uzupełnij następujące zdania używając konstrukcji
HAVE + OBJECT + PAST PARTICIPLE, zmieniając niektóre wyrazy jeżeli jest to konieczne.

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

We ask someone to check the accounts every month.
We every month.
Someone sends the money to my bank account in London.
I have to my bank account in London.
My stereo isn’t working properly. It needs cleaning.
I’m going to .
My camera’s being repaired at the moment.
I’m at the moment.
Someone delivers the newspapers.
We .
Someone cleaned the carpets every year.
I every year.
Their house need painting.
They are going to .
I think it’s time to service the car.
It’s time to .
I don’t like the office curtains. I'm going to ask someone to change them.
I think I’ll .
There’s something wrong with the computer.
I think I’ll .