Przymiotniki złożone angielski odpowiedzi

  • The child behaves well. He is a well-behaved child.
  • That man dresses in a scruffy manner. He is a scruffily-dressed man.
  • This film star is very conscious of her image. This film star is very image-conscious.
  • It takes ten minutes to drive from my house to work. It is a ten-minute drive from my house to work.
  • They planned the attack in a very clever way. It was a very cleverly-planned attack.
  • My dog has got short legs. It is a short-legged dog.
  • That man always looks rather angry. He is a rather angry-looking man.
  • His degree course took five years to complete. It was a five-year degree course.
  • What’s the name of that perfume that smells horrible? What is the name of that horrible-smelling perfume.
  • Only members who carry their cards are allowed inside. Only cards-carrying members are allowed inside.
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