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Articles: a, an, the, zero article - ćwiczenia

Wypełnij luki z a, an, the lub napisz x jeżeli nie ma żadnego 'article'. Pamiętaj, że stracisz punkty jeżeli poprosisz o podpowiedzi!

Potrzebujesz pomocy? Articles - objaśnienia

1. I need paper. (papier)
2. I need paper. (gazeta)
3. This boy broke glass. (szklanke)
4. The windows are made of glass (ze szkła).
5. The new house is built of brick (z cegły).
6. The bricklayer took brick into his hand. (jedną cegłę)
7. Bridges are built of iron (z żelaza).
8. Mary wants iron to press some shirts. (żelazko)
9. There was a lot of snow last winter.
10. The children ski on snow that fell yesterday.
11. There is more water in the river than there was a month ago.
12. water of the Baltic Sea is usually cold.
13. In England many houses are built of stone.
14. John could not lift stone which lay at his feet.
15. The best kind of food is bread.
16. Please pass bread to me.
17. I like butter you have bought for me.
18. butter is one of the best fats for man.
19. (T)tea is served in England about 5 p. m.
20. We don't like tea which Mrs Smith makes.