Przekształcanie zdań w języku angielskim ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Przekształć następujące zdania wykorzystując czasy Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect i Past Simple. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Present Perfect Continuous
1. Tom started learning the guitar a month ago.
Tom has the guitar for a month.
2. I haven't been to a Chinese restaurant for ages.
It's ages to a Chinese restaurant
3. When she heard the results, Mary began to feel more self-confident.
Since hearing the results Mary more self-confident.
4. The last time Nancy came here was in 2005.
Nancy hasn't here since 2005.
5. This is my first visit to London.
This is the first time I to London.
6. How long have Helen and Robert been married?
When married?
7. Jack bought those trousers last month, and has been wearing them ever since.
Jack has those trousers ever since he bought them last month.
8. It's a long time since our last conversation.
We haven’t a conversation for a long time.
9. Thanks, but I had something to eat earlier.
Thanks, but I .
10. This is my first game of golf.
I haven’t golf before.