Future Simple vs. Going to - ćwiczenie 3 - odpowiedzi

  • Tom What are you going to do this weekend?
  • Bob I am going to a concert at our National Stadium.
  • Tom Have you got the tickets yet?
  • Bob No, I am going to get them this evening. Would you like to come?
  • Tom That would be nice.
  • Bob Ok, I will get you a ticket, too.
  • Tom What time does it start?
  • Bob Seven pm, but we are going to meet in the Café at 6 pm.
  • Tom OK. I will meet you in the café, but I will be there at 6.30.
  • Bob That’s OK.
  • Tom Oh, one more thing. I am short of money at the moment. I will pay for the ticket next week. Is that OK?
  • Bob No problem.
  • Tom Shall we go to the restaurant after the concert? I know a very nice place.
  • Bob That’s a good idea – I will phone the others and check if they want to come too.
  • Tom Good, and I will book a table. I will see you tomorrow.
  • Bob Ok. See you. Bye!

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