Present Simple i Continuous

Wstaw podane czasowniki w nawiasach w czasie Present Simple lub Present Continuous.
1. What is he doing? He at his desk. (sit)
2. Listen, someone at the door. (knock)
3. On my way home I usually to drink a cup of coffee. (stop)
4. Architects plans of the buildings. (make)
5. Look at Betty: she the piano. (play)
6. At this moment I my pupils' exercises. (correct)
7. Where are you? I my lessons in the study. (prepare)
8. She a lot of money. (earn)
9. Chris near the table. (stand)
10. We often tea for breakfast. (take)
11. William to our workshop on Mondays. (come)
12. Let's wait a moment still. Tom soon. (come)
13. I must run home, mother for me. (wait)
14. The telephone often during supper. (ring)
15. Stephen a cigarette now. (smoke)
16. It hard at the moment. (snow)
17. I always to my office early. (go)
18. Two and two four. (make)
19. What are you doing here? I for my book. (look)
20. It in autumn. (rain)
21. Look, a man across the street. (run)
22. Listen: Sting ! (sing)
23. Henry's letters by air mail. (come)
24. We many roads nowadays. (build)
25. They usually the ten o'clock bus. (catch)
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