Angielskie przyimki in, on, at, from ćwiczenia

Wybierz właściwe przyimki aby uzupełnić następujące zdania w języku angielskim.
1. We're holiday in London.
2. The children aren't here. They're school.
3. Florence and her husband are French - they're Paris.
4. Are the hotels expensive your country?
5. Is New Mexico the United States?
6. 'Where is George ?' 'Greece.
7. 'Where's Red Square?' 'It's Moscow.'
8. Are those people Japan?
9. Nicola is a student Manchester University.
10. Dublin is Ireland.
11. Mr and Mrs Palmer are Room 535.
12. Buses aren't expensive my city.
13. Yale is a university the United States of America.
14. We're here Spain.
15. The other people the hotel are awful.
16. We're the Europa School Oxford.
17. They're all over the world.
18. We're from Beirut Lebanon.
19. How many taxis are there picture c?
20. Rio de Janeiro is Brazil.