Słownictwo: uzupełnij zdania (2)

słownictwo elementary 30. Wybierz właściwe wyrazy i wpisz je do zdań poniżej.
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He also decided to make his idea to everyone – that is why today we do not pay to use the Internet.
In 1995 he wrote an in the New York Times.
Today his idea of a web, where people form all over the world can information, is real.
The Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell the telephone in 1876.
Antonio Meucci a workshop with Bell in the 1860s.
Alexander Graham Bell took the to the Patent Office.
In 2002 the US Congress decided that Meucci was the true of the telephone.
In 1909 he even a Nobel Prize for his invention.
Donny Osmond began singing on television at the of five.
The situation in our country became much better in the 1990s.